Thursday, April 24, 2008

Warning- spoiler alert

"Emily" will finally leave Nik/GH on May 1st. Nik and Em have made another mag cover!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This speaks for itself!

Ok- a couple of things to add from today's GH: My new bifocal eyeglasses must be affecting my hearing as well as my vision. I could swear Nik told Nadine that she rode well without a "face"...hmmm. Also that Nadine told Nik he was a hopeless thumb? Carly also sounds like she is saying "MikeO" instead of Michael...

Reality or just not real?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to a certain part of the Dorothy Cannell book! It is such a fun book, as the whole series is, and I can incorporate a book review both here(when I finish the book) and in the novel I am writing! Gotta love Dorothy!

Then, when I logged on to write this, imagine my HORROR to discover that OJ Simpson wants to be on Donald Trumps' "The Apprentice", and that TMZ (I'm addicted to TMZ to watch celeb train wrecks) reports that he is under serious consideration! Well, on the other hand, it might be fun to watch The Donald ridicule him and make him lunge for The Donald on TV and get OJ put away for good! A bonus could be that if he earns any money for appearing it would go right to The Goldmans!

The More Books the Better

I'm back with news of the weird!

Space.comVisit for the story on Strange Things Happen at Full Moon.

There were more strange lights spotted over the skies of Phoenix on Monday night. One witness quipped that "maybe it is aliens coming to save us from ourselves".
Find links to pictures and video of the event at Coast to Coast

To view the video of a man trapped inside an elevator for 41 hours, please visit

Remember the two men in NY accused of wheeling their pals dead body down a street and trying to cash his check? Well the charges have been dropped. It seems two autopsies couldn't prove the time of death and the friends claim they didn't know he was dead-- they thought he was just in a coma!

Do geese see god?

More later-- time for a library run before it gets too hot out!

The More Books the Better

Thursday, April 17, 2008


"Earthrise" as seen by a Japanese orbitor. Read the article and watch the image at

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who put the SPAM in your Lucky Charms this morning?

I don't get a lot of SPAM these days, thank goodness. AOL has a separate mail folder for anything that might be SPAM, and I check it when I think of it. Not often.

This weekend, I learned the origin of the term SPAM as used to describe junk email that is sent to the masses randomly. I never would have guessed that it originated with the Monty Python SPAM skit. The explanation is that in the skit the word SPAM is an annoying and constant interruption in the normal flow of things. Someone coined the phrase for email in a Usenet group several years ago and now it is a word that anyone with email access will understand immediately.

Ah, it is knowing these little important details in life that count. Isn't it?

I read a really good book this weekend, by author Karen Joy Fowler. The book is "Wit's End" and is a story within a story within the past and present. Quirky, funny, was the kind of book which made me not only laugh, but tear up and also make sure I had my dictionary handy to look up the most unusual words and phrases I've read in awhile. If you've got a block of time to devote to a book, this is one for you, since you will absolutely not want to put it down.

General Hospital is getting way too dark again. I am so not paying attention (even though the TV is on), that I sent Karen some scoops that had ALREADY HAPPENED on air and I didn't even notice! How bad is that? Especially since part of my job is to gather news and scoops for the site! I'm very sad to see that Dylan Cash is leaving since it has been fun watching him grow up on the show. On the other hand, maybe he'll have some time to just be a kid now, while he still can, and be away from stories involving mobsters and guns. I'm also starting to think that if most households now have Soapnet (I wonder what the numbers are on that), it might be time to move GH to strictly a Soapnet show. Maybe for all the ABC soaps. Then create some whole new genre for daytime tv. No, I don't have any brilliant ideas on that...actually, I'd prefer to just keep the Idiot Box off and read and listen to talk radio.

Desperate Housewives was back last night. My favorite part? Susan's cousin-- what a hot young guy. Wow~ My least favorite part? The church angle because it is all of a sudden so forefront, and it was so lame that the Priest would come to marry Carlos and Gaby without even a marriage license, blood tests, or WITNESSES!!! I think DH may have Jumped the Shark with this episode. Or, it could be that I just no longer care after the Writer's Strike and such a long break. I will give House another chance, and probably Grey's Anatomy, but they sure don't hold the interest that they used to.

The More Books the Better

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

News of the Weird

I've been listening to late night talk radio again. Big surprise, eh? A most interesting story was about children who remember their past lives. Kids are so much more open to the paranormal and I found it fascinating to listen to the story of a little boy who remembered being a pilot and crashing in WWII.

Today's news of the weird is that a pack of black squirrels attacked and killed a stray dog in a park in Russia. There were evidently no pine cones on the trees at all this year, causing starvation and agitation and the squirrels just banded together and attacked the dog for food. Previous reports include chipmunks attacking cats. Sophie is shaking her head at that one, but even though we aren't in Russia, I'm glad she is an indoor Mackeral Tabby.

General Hospital-- misery, murder, death and shooting of a boy. Carly's son who Sonny keeps calling his son. Well maybe in theory, but he isn't his biological dad, yet Carly is the bio mom and she should have had some say in where the kid went with Sonny. Nikolas is crazed with his brain tumor. No sign of Bobbie or Mike....Ick, my eyes this show hurts!

The More Books the Better

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gh Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Maxie always is so well dressed and groomed. I just about cracked a rib laughing when I saw part of her hair falling over her forehead just like Spinelli's when she was talking to him! How cute was that? It's all in the little things, because you cannot count on GH for the big things!

Like Shenanigans on South Park. I don't watch South Park but I casually introduced the word in conversation with hubby and he said "That's a South Park Episode"!!! You may be one or two up on me you know who friend, but I have sources! LOL!

And the Weak Shall Inherit the Mirth!

The More Books the Better

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not April Fools Tricks

Do you have a cat or a dog? Or perhaps you would like to do something nice for your local animal shelter. If so, please go to this Purina One link, fill out a very short survey and get a coupon for free dog or cat food. Use it for your own fur people or donate it to a shelter. Pay it foward! Purina One

Man orders coffee at drive-through while naked

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. -- A state employee was arrested Sunday night after he went to a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through window while naked, said police. Visit WHDHTV in Boston's website for the full story.
WHDHTV Full Story

Dunkley takes a dip: Firefighters, tow truck rescue cow from swimming pool

By Patrick Anderson
Staff writer

ESSEX — A team of firefighters, with the help of a tow truck, pulled a cow out of an Eastern Avenue swimming pool Saturday morning after the animal escaped from its pen and plunged into the icy water while trying to cross the pool's winter cover.

Around a dozen firefighters responded to a farm at 64 Eastern Ave. after receiving a call for help at 9:45 a.m. Saturday. They found the cow with its head above the water, resting against the side of the pool, and its legs submerged, sticking through the pool cover, Essex Deputy Chief Paul Doucette said yesterday.

Doucette said his men tried unsuccessfully to drag the cow, which was shaking because of the cold, out of the pool by its hindquarters before the tow truck, from Ernie's Service Station, arrived.

Firefighters slid a set of straps underneath the cow and the truck hoisted it out of the water and dropped it back on dry land about 30 minutes after the call was made, Doucette said. After the cow was out of the pool, the men covered it with blankets to try to warm it up while a veterinarian was called in to make sure the animal was alright.

The cow, named Dunkley, was walking around and doing fine yesterday, said Chris Fogarty, who was working on the farm.

Fogarty said someone must have left one of the gates to the pen open, allowing some of the cows to get out and begin roaming around. The pool is located close to a house on the rear of the property, away from the street and the cow pasture.

Manchester firefighter Warren Grant, a former Essex firefighter who was called in because of his familiarity with livestock, said he didn't know why the cow tried to cross the pool, but may have mistaken the green cover over it for grass.

Grant, who worked on a farm for 20 years before becoming a firefighter, said the only similar incident he had been involved in was when a horse escaped from its stable a few winters ago, ran out onto the frozen salt marsh and eventually fell through the ice.

Grant estimated Dunkley weighed more than 1,000 pounds and said cows are not known for their ability in the water.

"They can do a doggy paddle for a little while, but are not really built for swimming," Grant said. "She was pretty worn out by the time we got to her."

Essex Fire Lt. Joe Lafata said the incident was unusual, but turned out well.

"I have never been on a call like that before," Lafata said. "It was a strange call with a happy ending."

The above story also aired on WHDH TV, but this report is from Gloucester Times

April Fools

All Wired WIRED MAGAZINE: 16.04

Culture : Lifestyle
10 Best: April Fools' Gags (the Web Is Closing for Spring Cleaning!)
Asami Novak 03.24.08 | 6:00 PM

1976 At precisely 9:47 am on April 1, Pluto will pass behind Jupiter, causing a brief reduction in Earth's gravitational pull. Astronomer Patrick Moore urges his BBC Radio audience to jump into the air at that exact moment to experience a floating sensation. At 9:48, dozens of light-headed listeners begin calling the station to report their success.

1984 Never mind the Cold War; the Soviets want to initiate unfettered discussions with Americans via Usenet newsgroups. This according to a message from what appears to be a Kremlin server (kremvax.UUCP). Thus the Internet hoax is born. When Moscow's first real Usenet site appears years later, it's named kremvax.

1994 A proposed law will ban online sex chat and inebriated Web surfing. "Congress apparently thinks being drunk on a highway is bad no matter what kind of highway it is," editorializes PC Computing. The bill's supposed sponsor, Senator Ted Kennedy, is not in on the joke. After an onslaught of complaints from drunken perverts, he issues a formal denial.

1996 The hotheaded naked ice borer, a sort of mole with a searing, bony forehead, lurks under Antarctica, melting the ice beneath the butts of hapless penguins and eating them as they sink. When Discover magazine publishes its retraction, penguins everywhere breathe a collective sigh of relief.

1997 Between March 31 and April 2, the World Wide Web will be closed for cleaning. Five Japanese-built, multilingual Internet-crawling robots will remove "electronic flotsam and jetsam." But don't believe everything you read in an email.

1998 In accordance with a biblical passage describing the circumference-to-diameter ratio of a bowl in the Temple of Solomon (1 Kings 7:23), the Alabama legislature has voted to round the value of pi to 3.0. Well, that was the claim made by the New Mexicans for Science and Reason in their newsletter ... or rather, circular.

1998 Disney has bought MIT for $6.9 billion. The School of Engineering will be renamed the School of Imagineering and the campus will move to Orlando, according to hackers who altered the MIT homepage. Hey, anything's better than trying to work in an Athena cluster.

1999 To fund the US government's $4 billion next-gen Internet project, millions of Internet nodes are available for an initial price of $100 each at The Business Wire press release induces nearly 2,000 would-be investors to try to buy in. Another name for this April foolery was "the tech boom."

2003 Bill Gates is dead, shot by a lone gunman at a charity event in Los Angeles. After three South Korean networks broadcast the story on local TV, ensuing panic triggers a 1.5 percent drop in the Seoul stock exchange — a value loss of $3 billion. Just another Windows-related crash.

Book Alert! GH Line of the Day for Mon 3/31

It's a great week for reading! I've just finished the 2nd book in one of my all time favorite series (anticipating many more books from this author!)
I can't say enough about the wacky, funny, daring antics of Izzie Spellman and family. Links below- buy from Amazon using them! I've now made a grand total of $6.77 cents in a year. At least I think that is what it is. I won't even get paid until I make $10 and then I get the best thing in the world-- an Amazon gift certificate! WOW...I wonder what I'll have to pay in taxes on all this income! LOL!

I started a new book at midnight last night. It's a wonder I managed to put it down and get some sleep. Part One of the book is entitled "Hindsight"--my nickname! It is set in North Carolina and is about a special family with unusual powers and edible flowers and a magic apple tree! Link below-- again with the Amazon thingy..

The General Hospital line of the day for Monday the 31st goes to Claudia-- "Kate Howard is a stick with a head on it. Skeeeennny"

The More Books the Better