Monday, November 29, 2010

It's a Beautiful Wedding video

Our niece Amy and her beloved, Mike were married November 7, 2010 in Charleston, South Carolina.
I'm so pleased to share this lovely video slideshow.  Have your tissues handy and make sure your speakers are turned on for the music.

Military Dream Wedding 2010 - Amy and Mike on Vimeo

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear NaNoWriMo

Dear NaNoWriMo,

Thank you for another fun-filled November.  I really appreciate the pep talks, the web badges, the badgering to keep on going, the egg throwing, the monkey buying, and I find the spaceship crashing most enjoyable.

Did anyone tell you that after one year I am still editing the NaNo Novel I wrote last November? I didn't think so.
I am also working hard on my NaNovel this year.  However, I refuse to surrender and give up everything else life has to offer this month.  So I'm a lil behind on my word count at the half-way point.

Therefore,  I am writing to suggest a novel idea; let's make it National Novel Writing Months!  I propose that we extend this through December as well so we can have even more reasons to hide out in our writing space during the Christmas season.

Oh, I don't mean to cheat and take two months to write a mere 50,000 words.  Let's double it up!  Double or nothing!  100,000 words by December 31st.

Let's run this by the other WriMo's, shall we and get a vote on it?

I'm going back to viewing the all important LOL cats and spewing typed drivel.

K Tkx  Bai

Friday, November 5, 2010

New book cover for "There's No Place Like Gnome"

During a NaNoWriMo morning break, and while I was waiting to find out just how my husband was going to go from stranded in Charlotte NC airport to where he needs to be in Charleston, SC, I decided to completely redo the book cover.  "There's No Place Like Gnome" is now on track for a Christmas season release, and book 3 is being drafted during this NaNoWriMo month!