Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crab spider

I've seen a little critter in our living room a few times. Tiny as a speck of dust!
It just dropped down from our ceiling and landed on me twice. I thought I was seeing things-- I thought it was an Albino spider! Doing a bit of "web" work, I learned that it is a Crab Spider, and is a beneficial insent who sometimes wanders indoors. It does not spin a web, but is an active hunter. Hmmmm...perhaps that is what happened to the fly that was driving me crazy for a week. These tiny spiders do like flies I understand. They are also amazing in that some of them can change color to include bright yellow or bright pink to match a flower that they might land on. They are not harmful to humans, but they do bite, although it just causes a minor irritation.

The things I will do to avoid actually Working On My Book! I spend a half hour researching spiders!

The More Books the Better

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hot Under The Collar

Yowza-- what a game between the Red Sox and the Yankees last night. It was a real pitchers match, a poorly Umpired game, and the Sox got hot under the collar and so did I! I've heard it said that Kevin Youkilis tends to "wet his pants" over things, but man, how he held it together when fast balls were flying in the vicinity of his head AGAIN! I was waiting for a Bench Clearing Brawl, but the Sox rose above that.
Mike Lowell really had a wobbly when he was called out on strikes and the final strike was clearly a BALL!!!!! I was almost as mad as he was. As for Manny-- hmmm...he's out because he knee hurts. Then it is both knees hurt. Yet the MRI showing nothing wrong? He really should have been in the game for Big Papi's return. This Manny being Manny stuff is wearing thin. Perhaps if his knees are that bad he'd better go on the disabled list and get some acupunture or even counseling on Adult Professional Behavior. I've always enjoyed Manny, he's a great player and funny as can be. To a Point. Hmmm... perhaps Tito could just bench him and not LET him have the honor of playing. Would that be cutting off the teams nose to spite their face? I think not. Time for Manny to have a time out.

Ok-- today, the Red Sox are going to be out for blood. There is a blood lust at the ready, and the fur will be flying.

I can't wait. Go RED SOX!!!

oh- and I just returned 2 library books and came home with 8 new is possible to watch baseball and read three books at once. I should know!

the more books the better

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rest In Peace

May your soul continue it's wonderful journey now that you have left your poor broken body behind. Many happy returns when you are ready.

Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture passed away on July 24, 2008.

A Few of My Favorite Things

On the heels of learning recently that Rush would be getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009, two good friends of mine had the chance to see a show in this leg of the Snakes and Arrows tour! One went to NH to see them, and the other saw them in NC. While I'm a wee bit envious, I'm also very happy for them both! The first friend saw them for about the 30th, and likely the last time, while my newer friend finally went to her first show after waiting 28 years! Then, while perusing YouTube, I found this gem!

So that's all fun and games, and then I found my favorite Laugh A Minute duo cracking up as they tried to announce a Red Sox game while hearing "Mooo Mooo" in their headsets after photos of Vermont Cows were shown during Vermont Day at Fenway Park. If you want a good laugh, view this clip. You won't be able to help youself, the laughter is contagious!

The More Books the Better

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Atmospheric Disturbances

Well this book disturbed me allright! Yet it was compelling, interesting and something I had to pry myself away has to wonder if this actually happened to someone in the author's life.
Here's a trailer, and don't forget you can use any of my links to buy the book!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The weak of the pea/pee, hehe, pee-pee

Ingo Rademacher of General Hospital has a new son-- named Peanut Kai. Kai means water in Hawaiian. Some clever person posted online that they could call him Pea Water. Made me laugh!
Then, this morning, I got this story from Coast to Coast online:

Leak at Nasa

A Nasa plea for urine donations has been leaked, leading to a flood of offers.

The US space programme is seeking urine from workers at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, so it can create the perfect space lavatory.

It's for the new Orion space capsule which will eventually take astronauts to the moon, reports the Daily Telegraph.

John Lewis, Nasa's head of life support systems for Orion, said the Orion will be in space for up to six months while astronauts work on the moon, so getting rid of urine is a pressing issue.

To design, build and test the systems, Nasa needs nearly eight gallons of urine every day - about the total daily output of 30 people.

Nasa has a long-standing tradition of collecting samples from its workers to help design better space toilets because "you can't make fake urine," Mr Lewis said.

The memo seeking daily contributions from July 21 to July 31, contains detailed instructions for participants, but was not meant to go public.

It requests donors do not drink too much to encourage urination, warning that "you are not encouraged to over-hydrate as this could dilute the urine we collect".

"Unlike in the doctor's office, you do not need to worry about starting collection midstream," the memo states. "Our testing will be much more accurate if you collect as much of the entire urination as possible including the beginning."

It also calls for urine to be fresh, no more than an hour old. "We suggest that morning urine be collected at home, but not night-time urine," the memo states.

Monday, July 14, 2008

General Snoozepital

Ok, big whoop- Genie Francis is back for a short stint. Mostly in Lulu's mind. Yawn.
More Mob stuff coming from Russia this time. Yawn.
People paying tons of money to go to the Fan Club Weekend. People who don't know how they will heat their homes this winter, don't have money to pay their credit card debt, complain about how broke they are-- they still come up with cash for a soap opera fan club event-- for which the actors get PAID to be there. How stupid is that??

I think I'm having our Tv totally disconnected after the Red Sox win the World Series in October.

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George Noory- Coast to Coast

For the Full Story, visit The Washington Times website--
No sleep for the curious
Night listener discusses aliens, Bigfoot, angels and presidential hopes
Sunday, July 13, 2008
The talk is good tonight. Angels, mystery fireballs in space, rustlings in the attic, memories of grandma, a cure-all from the ancients, some scrappy politics. Someone gets choked up. A truck driver shouts over the roar of his diesel. A woman offers the details of a particularly close encounter of the alien sort with complete conviction.

There were weird lights, she says. And wires.

Ah, yes. Settle back, folks. Plump up the pillows. This is “Coast to Coast AM,” the all-night talk radio phenomenon heard from 1 to 5 a.m. on 500 stations, seven nights a week, by three million very devoted, very earnest listeners around the globe.

Five of those nights belong to host George Noory, whose mellifluous voice and empathetic bearing provide the ultimate foil to those who want to talk of Bigfoot, political assassinations, Armageddon and the time they awoke to find a dim figure, gazing at them from the end of the bed with luminous eyes.

Mr. Noory is the very model of civility through it all, that honey-smooth voice - familiar and authoritative both - steering the conversation to its conclusion in a very satisfying minute or two. Sometimes he takes 50 calls a night.

”George? Is this me?” listeners often ask.

“Yes, St. Louis. This is you,” he replies.

It could be Toronto. Or New Orleans or Anchorage. Or nowhere. The “you” - hailing from some distant dell in Vermont, an urban condo or perhaps a cell phone on a stretch of highway - get their moment.

“Americans are in a huge pressure cooker right now. They've got to be allowed to vent their feelings. Through talk radio specifically, they have a feeling there's someone to listen to them. It has had an effect, and that is to keep them calm,” Mr. Noory said recently.

At 57, he's got more than three decades in the broadcast business as newsman and a host of the old-school sort. He doesn't argue, he doesn't run roughshod over his listeners or the three special guests who make up the programming every night. Among his fans: C-SPAN's venerable founder Brian Lamb.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summertime and the living is hot!

Heatwaves, floods, missle testing in Iran. Fire's in CA. Gasoline sky high.
The living is easy. NOT!

Last night the flax seed hot pack I use to help with leg pain decided to catch fire in the microwave. All is well, no one hurt and I didn't burn the house down. Handled the whole thing calmly and by myself which is a surprise given my fear of fire.

This morning, Ollie brought us a very dead red squirrel. Very dead. For the rest of the week, Ollie will be known as Squirrel Boy.

Still working on the book and reading tons. Thinking about unravelling the mystery of some neighbors who up and disappeared. Of course, I didn't even notice this, but another neighbor pointed out that all the cars were gone and the house is vacant.

That's it folks--
The More Books the Better

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sorry for not blogging

Hi all,
I've been quite busy with writing and also reading a lot! I apologize for not blogging. I also have nothing to say, really, so for today, I'm sharing an interesting story that I heard about on Coast to Coast at 1 am!
The More books the Better

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Monday, June 30, 2008
Ancient crashed UFO claimed to be from dinosaur age, 150 million years ago

(This article also appears on

By Steve Hammons

News released today about a secret U.S. Government project to analyze an allegedly extraterrestrial craft has a unique twist.

This craft did not crash in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

According to the anonymous sources, it crashed approximately 150 million years ago during the age of the dinosaurs.

This information has been posted on the Web site, home to other reports about extraterrestrial visitation reportedly provided by current and former officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The conduit for the information is Victor Martinez, the moderator of an e-mail “stream” information service that focuses on topics related to anomalous phenomena. Martinez has reportedly worked for several U.S. Government agencies.

In late 2005, Martinez wrote that these DIA sources had reached out to him to reveal information about “Project SERPO,” a later code name for a secret “exchange program” in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s between a small team of American military personnel and extraterrestrial visitors who had established contact with the U.S. Government.

Other information reportedly provided by these sources noted that the U.S. Government maintains records collected by both U.S. officials and a race of extraterrestrials that notes visitation to Earth in ancient times.

The most recent information report from the anonymous sources via Martinez makes the claim that “A highly classified, sensitive operation with far-reaching national security implications that took place in 1968.”


“A [redacted] archaeological team uncovered a large metallic object in a remote area of southern [redacted] which is a close NATO ally of ours,” according to Martinez’ anonymous sources.

The sources also reportedly told Martinez, “The object was believed to be an alien spacecraft that had crashed approximately 200 million years ago according to the archaeological team. The site subsequently was examined by a USAF recovery team, which then put the age of the alien craft at approximately 150 million years ago.”

As fantastic as this sounds, it is not inconsistent with other speculation that if extraterrestrial visitors have been coming to Earth in recent decades, it is possible they visited in previous centuries and in the far-distant past.

Martinez reports that his sources stated, “Our scientists used the absolute dating method employing decaying radioactive isotopes. Sedimentary rock formations and the fact that the object was embedded into the rock were used to estimate the age of the alien craft.”

“The alien craft itself was 45 feet in diameter,” the sources continued. “The craft was transported to the State of [redacted] and then to the giant [redacted] lab complex in [redacted] and opened.”

“The alien craft contained two highly decomposed alien bodies and decayed animals, which were apparently abducted by these alien beings. The animals were small dinosaurs on board the alien craft.”


Martinez states that his sources provided the following information: “The craft was stored at [redacted] and years of intense research were conducted. The last time I checked, the research team ruled out the craft being of Eben origin.”

“Eben” is a name allegedly given to an ET culture who have visited Earth from the Zeta Reticuli star system, were the group who crashed in Roswell and the beings with whom the U.S. shared the exchange program.

The anonymous sources allegedly added, “However, no one could tell where it came from. The alien bodies were far too decomposed to be thoroughly examined. They were about 5 feet tall and had very large, bulbous heads.”

“To the best of my knowledge, 'Operation [redacted]' is still an ongoing project. I personally worked on the operation in the early '70s.”

“The instruments from the craft were interesting because they were made of small crystal-like devices, wired together with a form of very fine wire.”

“The alien propulsion system contained a large chamber with what we called ‘rocks’ (obviously some form of energy) in the chamber. Large vents placed around the chamber vented some sort of power, radiation or some form of tremendous energy generated through the vents and into the propulsion chamber which enabled interstellar space travel.”

The anonymous sources claimed, “Examination of the rocks found zinc, and several unknown materials and alloys which we still cannot identify to this day. The ‘rocks’ obviously lost all of their energy over the years. They were not radioactive nor did they contain any special properties. We could never power up the alien craft in the nearly 40 years we've had possession of it.”

“We could not locate the actual power system and therefore could never operate any of the equipment contained within the craft. However, we did find a 'star chart.' The chart was created from outside of the Earth on the alien home world.”

“To this day, we have been unable to read and decipher the alien star chart. The star chart was of a deep area of space, but our scientists haven't been able to find that specific area of space.”

“ … the amazing … alien technology on this craft has similarly stumped us; while some progress has been made on it since 1968, it's been minimal (partially due to the poor, degraded condition of the alien craft).”


In the posting on and in his e-mail stream, Martinez and his anonymous sources reflect on the implications of what a discovery of this nature means.

“Anonymous” writes, “… the existence of alien civilizations who had already achieved space traveling capabilities zipping around the Milky Way Galaxy (and perhaps others) truly boggles the mind.”

“The Ebens were perhaps still in their ‘galactic diapers’ when these alien beings were already visiting other worlds –150-200 MYA [million years ago] and Homo sapiens did not even exist!”

“One can only wonder and speculate where a civilization – that had already achieved interstellar space travel – would be at today technologically from 150-200 MYA!"

Anonymous and Martinez continued their speculation with Anonymous allegedly stating: “How many star systems have they visited by now? How many other alien civilizations have they made successful contact and interacted with, and perhaps carry on some sort of trade with? How many solar systems have they visited and mapped out in our Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps those of other galaxies?”

“One also has to consider the possibility that rather than this crash having occurred in our timeline of 150-200 MYA, these alien beings traveled to Earth from the future to our distant past – when dinosaurs ruled – as part of a research mission ... that also boggles the mind!” Anonymous said, according to Martinez.

As with all of the Project SERPO information, this latest chapter will surely provoke discussion, doubts about its truthfulness and trigger the imaginations of many readers.

Is it true? Is it some kind of disinformation or phony claim? Is there some truth hidden within inaccurate information?

Is it part of an “acclimation” program to prepare Americans and the human race for the awareness of very interesting and surprising information?

At present, it is not possible for most readers to confirm the truthfulness of the statements Anonymous is reportedly making to Martinez and Martinez is passing on to the public.

What may be helpful for our perspectives, however, is considering that if extraterrestrial visitation to Earth is a reality, then it could have been occurring in time frames beyond what we might have previously thought.