Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jane Ellen-- A Woman of Substance

Jane Ellen is my friend. I am so honored to be able to type that sentence and share today a bit about who Janie is. I get the right to call her Janie, because she has been my dear friend for nearly 10 years, and we were almost namesakes! When I was born, my Mom initially planned to name me Jane Ellen. I even had a birth announcement in the paper that said Jane Ellen L was born.... then a correction announcement after Mom spit out Laura Ellen later on! It was fate-- Janie and I couldn't really share a name, it would be too confusing, but it was also fate that brought us together, via the Internet and a common love of some particular pop/tv culture.

Janie is a composer, multi-talented musician, author and speaker. She has overcome obstacles both ordinary, and unusually difficult to become a presence strongly felt in the musical field as well as the Internet where she has won many awards for web design over the years. Janie has several CD's available and I'd recommend that you purchase them all- you won't regret it! Janie's CD's are available at CDBABY

Our family plays her CD's often, but most notably at Christmas, or when someone needs soothing, be it man or upset feline! We even played one of her CD's in the background at my Mom's memorial service two years ago. Her music evokes many emotions, from calmness, to joy, to sadness, to love. Much like Janie herself!

Janie is undoubtedly the most optimistic person I have ever known. Also one of the most supportive friends I've ever had, she always offers up hope and prayers, and extra love, and is never judgemental no matter how bad the situation is, or who is in trouble, or who has left the planet..she finds a way to make me feel better. She's funny too! I will occaisionally tease her about living in "AlbaKookie", and she laughs right along, and comes up with humorous responses, never taking offense.
Janie is also one of the busiest and most productive people I know. She gets more done in a week than I do in two months!

Ok-- now I've had my say, let me share with you some professional information about Jane Ellen!

First of all, I suggest that you take the time to explore Janie's MySpace page at JaneEllen Music
Below is the text of Janie's latest newsletter, which will show you what a busy woman this talented lady is!

Jane Ellen’s Journal
a life in the artsFeed on Posts Comments December news as the year flies by
19 December 2007 by janesjournal

I’m currently going through a lot of personal changes, and although nothing is earth-shattering, everything is happening with such momentum that I’m expending all my energy simply trying to keep things from spinning out of control. I had hoped to be back blogging by now; I miss it far more than anyone probably realises. I can at least post my December newsletter, however, and hope to write a post or two before the year is out.

Greetings from Jane Ellen’s Official Website!

Dear Friends,

It’s been a roller coaster ride since the release of my last CD, and I can scarcely believe the year is nearly over! I promise not to take too much of your time, but I did want to touch base with everyone once more before the new year.

On the recording front, there are only a few copies of the limited edition CD Flowers in Winter still available, and I’m thrilled with the response that it is generating internationally. Even after the physical CDs are sold out, mp3s will still be available via, iTunes, and other reputable download companies. Please remember to check out the work of London-based charity SoundAid which uses music donated by independent artists to raise money for Heifer International. You can find my SoundAid EP Heartsounds here:

More recent news in brief: Happy Day Radio in South Korea; Mystic Age Radio ( in Ft Pierce, FL; and Spirit Within Radio ( in Lubbock, TX are all currently broadcasting tracks from my three CDs. German composer/recording artist Sascha “Psycomatic” Hummel requested permission to sample ‘Time for Rejoicing’ for a new work due out in 2008. Pianist/composer Alessandra Celletti, of Rome, Italy, is currently reviewing one of my piano works; Parisian harper Eve McTelenn has graciously accepted my set of Celtic harp pieces; while cellist Ivan Pelayo, of Guadalajara, Mexico, has requested several of my chamber scores to study for possible performance. New Orleans artist Stuart South has asked permission to turn a photo taken of me at a childhood accordion competition into a painting, and I am looking forward to seeing the results next year.

You can expect to see some changes at my website,, but it will take some time to implement them. I will be eliminating a lot of older sections to make room for a new focus on my musical work and compositions. I’m also working steadily with interactive networks such as MySpace ( and Classical Lounge ( - both of which have brought me an amazing amount of publicity in a relatively short period of time - and I will be linking all of these sites together.

If, for any reason, you wish to stop receiving these newsletters, simply reply to any mailing with the word “unsubscribe” written in the subject line. Your wishes will be immediately respected. If this newsletter has been forwarded to you, and you wish to join the monthly mailing list, send an email to with the word “subscribe” written in the subject line.

Thank you for your continued support, your encouragement, and your friendship over the years. I wish you, and all whom you love, the brightest and most beautiful blessings of the season, and look forward to seeing you next year!

Follow your heart,
Jane Ellen

Please honor my friend Jane Ellen (my Janie!) by visiting her website, leaving feedback here and on her blog, and by purchasing her CD's. You'll be discovering an amazing talent just as she really hits the big time!

Peace and Light,
The More Books The Better

Friday, December 28, 2007

Computer Woes...force me out of Hibernation!

Just when I was settled in for a nice long hibernation period, my one year old PC decided that the CMOS battery had failed and that it needed a trip to the PC hospital. The local hospital said the surgery needed couldn't be performed locally, and that my third arm would have to take a plane ride to Kentucky for it necessary work! Kentucky!!!!!! So, if there is anyone out there in Kentucky with my computer from Best Buy next week, please, please, fix it fast, fix it right and send it home to Momma!

I am at my second favorite place (home is first!)...the library. So, although I am surrounded by books and dear friends, and actually out in the "real world", I don't have the capabilities to log on when I want and may not make it every day even...but I'll do my best as often as I can!

At least I have tons of books here and at home to keep me busy, but my updates may be sporadic...please check in often!

The More Books the Better

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rest In Peace Brave Woman

Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto poses in her home in London in a 2002 photo. President Bush condemned the assassination on Thursday of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.
(Stephen Hird/Reuters)

Once again the dangers of this world hit us and hit us hard. We MUST get Bin Laden out of his caves and tunnels and show him the same mercy he has shown others. That is, none, nada, zip. There is no doubt in my mind that he is behind, I can't prove it, but I can feel it in my gut. I also sense more danger now that this has suceeded-- Bin Laden and others feel the taste of blood again and aren't afraid to push for more. Opinion expressed here is entirely my own and in no way should reflect on any other websites linked to this blog.

The More Books The Better

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

General Hospital BUZZ and I don't mean Steve Burton's haircut!

There are a ton of new scoops out there, and I've sent them to Karen for her to make sense of. She understands the show better than I do at this point in time. All I read made my head spin! There's a ton of backstage and behind the scenes info. Methinks they could use the behind the scenes stuff as fodder for the actual show.

I've read and seen previews about fire, bombings, babies, hide-outs, mobs, drugs, Logan isn't a killer, backstage ad libs, scab writers, engagements, relationships, JFP emails (love that one, he heh) and MORE.

Check in at Wubs, probably tomorrow morning or afternoon, unless Karen gets ambitious tonight. She may not even be online until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm reading like mad-- have over 30 books waiting for me, and 57 more en route. I think I have an addiction-- or else it's an excuse to not start the 2 books I have plans to write. I do have a friend to keep me on track with that, starting January 1. Also joining a writer's group for encouragement and feedback. Yay. Something positive!

I have no cool pictures to share today-- but if you are up late and want something interesting and different to listen to, find Coast to Coast on your local radio station (airs at 1 am on WRK0 here) for a discussion about the presidential candidates and their UFO related experiences, plus info on UFO documents released by the Clinton Library. Coast To Coast

Have a good night!
The More Books the Better

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing you and your family

A Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous 2008!
Laura, Mike and Sophie

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cynthia Baxter- Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries

Cynthia with Stepdog, Bailey

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of libraries, and how often I'll borrow books and then buy the ones I really love by my favorite authors. What better thing to cherish than books which really speak to you?

I happy to be a mystery buff, most particularly humorous murder mysteries. Yes, that's what I said...humorous MURDER mysteries! I love a book in which the characters are unique personalities, with their own funny quirks, and I really enjoy following them throughout a whole series of books. In fact, I'm often frustrated in having to wait a year or so between books, and love the idea of having previous books in a series on hand to re-read right before a new one comes out. That way, I'm back in the "feel" of the setting, the characters and the general tone.

I'm an animal lover as well as a mystery buff, so several years back, when I first discovered Cynthia Baxter's "Reigning Cats and Dogs" books I was beside myself and doing a happy dance! Recently, I've been lucky enough to establish a personal acquaintance via email with Cynthia and find myself as charmed by her as I am by her books. I asked Cynthia about what she'd like to see on this blog, and she had a really great suggestion. "encourage readers to write about their pets -- names, physical descriptions, and interesting quirks -- since I'm always looking for animals to include in my books (either Jessie's patients or the pets of the people she meets during her murder investigations). It might be fun for people to write about their pets and read about other people's pets -- and hopefully I'll be able to include some of them in future books." Sounds like a plan to me-- I'm thinking of my cats various stories as I type! Also, please know that Cynthia is a very responsive author, who would love to hear from you and you can either email her directly through her website or leave questions here as comments and she will answer you (her email is quickest though).

Cynthia has a great new book in the "Reigning Cats and Dog" series, entitled "Who's Kitten Who?". When I finished reading, or rather devouring, this book, full of my favorite characters who I have come to consider buddies (even the furred, feathered, and "other"), I contacted Cynthia with a question about one of the characters involved and was delighted that she responded promptly. While I do recommend that you get all of the books, and do read them in order, each one is purrfectly fine as a stand alone.

Here is an Editorial Review from Amazon
Editorial Reviews

Book Description
When it comes to murder this sleuth isn't pussyfootin' around...

Veterinarian and amateur sleuth Jessica Popper takes center stage in the cast of an up-and-coming Long Island playwright’s last production—and the fur flies as Jess finds the theater world littered with clues to Simon Wainwright’s murder. Was the killer the actress who’s a real glamour-puss? Or her rival for Simon’s affections, a disheveled costume designer who looks like something the cat dragged in? Or how about the fat-cat Broadway producers?

Jessie’s no scaredy-cat when she’s on the prowl, but she loses her cool when her future in-laws and their monstrous Maltese descend on the tiny cottage she shares with fiancĂ© Nick Burby, Lou the one-eyed Dalmatian, rambunctious Westie Max, and the rest of her menagerie. Between coping with the “Invasion of the Burbarians” and playing cat and mouse with a killer, Jess could use nine lives herself. But curiosity killed the cat—will that be Jessie’s fate by the time the curtain falls?

About the Author
Cynthia Baxter is a native of Long Island, New York. She currently resides on the North Shore, where she is at work next mystery, which Bantam will publish in Fall 2008.

OK- Editorial Reviews aside, I'd like to give my two cents. DVM Jessica Popper is smart, funny, cares about pets and people, and has a real sense of justice and the American Way. Oh she's not Superwoman, she has her flaws just like the rest of us. The future in-laws drive her nuts (frankly they drove me nuts--but I still wanted to read more about them), she's got a bit of a commitment issue when it comes to men, and she just can't seem to contain herself when it comes to doing things her own way even when it puts her life in danger. Her companion animals are great, her friends are fun and they all speak to me and I can picture each and every one of them. I recently interviewed some other mystery authors and came up with the Very Original Question about who would play their heroine in a movie. Well, I can tell you this, I can picture all of Cynthia's characters and they are each ThemSelves and I can't think of any known actor or actress-- it would all have to be newly discovered talent to make me happy. I've read all of this series, and recently learned that Cynthia has written over 40 other books under the name of Cynthia Blair, including several YA books and some contemporary women's fiction. I'd like to give them all try because I really enjoy this author's style. She writes from what she knows, from her heart, and her brain (and she is a brainiac- graduated from MIT no less).

Below are links to the previous books in the "Reigning Cats and Dogs" series, and I know I am looking forward to the next release in 2008 Monkey See, Monkey Die

I have found Cynthia to be a really nice, humble woman, who is genuinely surprised that people love her books! Please do visit her website Cynthia Baxter and be sure to let her know how you feel about her books-- and send along those animal stories! I have plenty of my own to send her, so don't let me win by sending the most myself!

Thanks for reading- now go get the books! You'll love the cover art, the fun titles and every page in between, I promise!

The More Books the Better

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gemma Halliday -Author Contest

Good afternoon my reading buddies! I received the following news letter from author Gemma Halliday today, and she agreed that it would be fun to share her contest with readers of my blog so that you, too, can become familiar with her books through my links and her website. Gemma's website is a fun place to visit and you can head on over there yourself at Gemma Halliday

I think a great part of this contest is that Gemma isn't just asking readers to buy her books, but asking you to request that your library purchase them. This makes each copy available to so many more readers, and also every time you use your library, you are supporting them, helping our beloved librarian friends keep their jobs and being a part of your community by interacting with your library! I know my library is my favorite place in town!Peabody Institute Library

I have enjoyed all three of Gemma's previous books, and although the library is a wonderful option, you can also buy them from Amazon for your collection! I find that often, I will get a book from the library and if I really love it- then I buy it to have in my bookcases. You should see my house, lol-- we have bookcases everywhere but the bathrooms! Gemma's "High Heels" series will soon be a tv series on the USA Network! Congratulations to Gemma!

Happy holidays, everyone! This is my favorite time of year - when the air turns crisp, the fireplaces are cozy, and everything at the mall is 50% off. ;)

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the food. Sadly, those who know me know I'm more of a “microwave until it’s thawed” kind of gal than a great cook. But one thing I do know is cocktails! So, getting into the spirit of the season, here are a few of my favorite cocktail recipes:

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine 3 oz. cranberry juice, 2 oz. orange juice and 1 ½ oz. vodka. Shake sharply and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with lemon lime soda, then squeeze a dash of lime juice and sprinkle with frozen cranberries.
To make them virgin for the kids, just leave out the vodka!

Make hot cocoa in a coffee mug any way you prefer. (I’m a firm believer in the instant packets.) Add ½ oz. of amaretto and 2 oz. of Butterscotch Schnapps, then stir well. Garnish with a layer of whipped cream. Yum!

And, if you’re really in the mood for something simple and tasty, try an IRISH MARTINI. Just mix vodka and Bailey’s Irish Cream in a cocktail shaker to taste and voila!

Also in the spirit of giving this season, I’m sponsoring a contest for signed cover flats of my upcoming book, ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS. And the good news – everyone who enters will get one! Check out all the details on my website.

Looking into the new year, I’ve got a ton of fun projects planned. First up in February, you can catch my short story “Mark of a Bond Girl” in the Dream & Desires Vol. 2 charity anthology to benefit victims of domestic violence. In March, the next Maddie caper, Alibi in High Heels, releases. And in May you can read my very first novella “So I Dated an Axe Murderer” in the These Boots Were Made for Strutting anthology. You can read excerpts of all three right now on my website

Also in 2008, I’m excited to be sponsoring a very fun Bachelor Auction! I’ll be auctioning off Valentine's Day virtual dates with 8 hot romance novel cover models, including Playgirl Magazine’s man of the year 2007 and two former contestants on the Mr. Romance TV show on the Oxygen network! All proceeds from the auction will go to benefit victims of domestic violence, so a hot hunk for you means a huge helping hand for a family in need. Be sure to check my website for details starting in January!

You have all helped make 2007 such a wonderful year for me, and I want to thank you all for being the best readers ever! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a very fabulous new year! (And if Santa should happen to drop off an extra pair of size seven stilettos at your house… well, you know where to send them. ;) )

~ Gemma

GH-- A Really Bad Day

Even when you are having a really bad day-- someone will screw you!
This is how GH made me feel today! Liz and Jason after learning about Georgie! EWWW!!

Unlax and Rewind

Feeling a little holiday stress? Then it's time to Unlax and Rewind!
Suggested reading:

For your viewing pleasure:

Or, you could do what I'm doing today and watch the Spacewalk-- should be about 6 hours on NASA TV. This is the ISS Expedition Spacewalk and is airing now on NASA TV which you can also watch on the web. Way cool!

I did spend the requisite few minutes going back and forth between Regis and Kelly and The Ellen Degeneres show this morning. Regis reminded me of a preview I saw last night for the new Jack Nicholson movie "The Bucket List". Since one of my all time favorite actors, Sean Hayes is also in this movie, I will brave the elements to see it as soon as possible. Meantime, I'm going to think about my own personal "bucket list" and will update you when it's decided! Now, Ellen was just pure fun with Carmen Electra, showing exercises you can do in bed! Ellen had an adorable "Hello Kitty" bed, and she had a good point-- if you were just listening to the audio of the show, you'd hear a whole different show! If Ellen hasn't aired yet in your neck of the woods, be sure to catch it when you can!

Creepiest picture of the week-- you pick!

Photo from

These poor kitties were actually cloned in Korea to glow in the dark!

Miscellaneous notes-- anyone know where I can get a Tofurky on the North Shore in MA in time for Christmas? Trader Joe's isn't carrying them this holiday! We had one for Thanksgiving and it was great!

Oh- and pssst--- I did watch GH again for about 2.5 minutes on SoapNet, and I swear I could see Georgie's eyelids flutter slightly when Spinelli was trying to see if she was breathing! Did you see it? Absolutely meaningless- just made me wonder why they didn't have the extra heavy glue on the false eyelashes to help Lindze keep still!

GOLDEN GLOBES and WRITERS STRIKE also Soap Stars join picket line

Soap Stars have now joined the picket lines- see pictures at SteveBergman

The folowing taken directly from internet sources and I recommend that you visit their sites for full text and updates.
Partial text of latest from DeadlineHollywooddaily Make sure to visit that site for more information.
URGENT! The denials were announced tonight at the big WGA West membership meeting taking place right now at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association had requested a waiver for its NBC broadcast, but the WGA rejected it. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences had asked for a waiver to use clips from movies and past Academy Award shows which the WGA rejected. I'm told that once AMPAS asks to use WGA writers, that will be denied, too. For days alreadyt, emails have been circulating inside the major Hollywood talent agencies discussing what the actors and directors and even writers should do about attending since WGA picket lines will be erected outside the events. (See my previous, Golden Globes Screwed By Writers Strike?)

At the start of the meeting, WGAW president Patric Verrone introduced chief negotiators John Bowman and Dave Young as well as SAG prez Alan Rosenberg to the crowd of striking scribes who gave all four men a standing ovation. The venue was 2/3s filled. "A lot of resolve at this meeting. It was a very good meeting," one WGA attendee told me. "The maybe 12 dissenters who showed up were quickly shown where they stood by the resounding cheers and applause all through the meeting for the board and negotiating committee."

7:29 PM: The WGA West and East just made this statement:

"The Writers Guild has notified the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and dick clark productions that their requests for an agreement to allow writers to prepare material for the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards show have been denied.

The Guild has also denied a request from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a waiver in connection with the use of clips from motion pictures and past Academy Awards shows for use during the annual Academy Awards presentation.

In letters to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, WGAW President Patric M. Verrone described the Guild’s respect and admiration for both organizations, explaining that:

“Writers are engaged in a crucial struggle to achieve a collective bargaining agreement that will protect their compensation and intellectual property rights now and in the future. We must do everything we can to bring our negotiations to a swift and fair conclusion for the benefit of writers and all those who are being harmed by the companies’ failure to engage in serious negotiations.”

The signatories producing the Golden Globes and the Oscars are West Coast signatories. The WGAW’s Board of Directors concluded, reluctantly, that granting exceptions for the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards would not advance that goal."
8:30 PM: The meet has concluded. Here's other news from it:

No negotiations are scheduled.

The networks are going to start givebacks to advertisers.

On Wednesday at 7:30 AM, the Los Angeles City Council will hold a hearing about the writers strike's economic impact and the AMPTP and WGA will both testify.

Starting in January, the WGA will commence, where clips of video material will be put up and advertiser support sought.

The following is direct from

Striking TV Writers Deny Golden Globe, Academy Awards Waivers

By Juho Erkheikki

Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Striking U.S. television writers will not be allowed to write material for the 65th Golden Globe Awards show and the Academy Awards presentation won't be able to use clips as the union pushes studios to reach a wage agreement.

The Writers Guild of America denied requests by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Dick Clark Productions for the Golden Globe ceremonies and by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the presentation of Oscars, it said in an e-mailed statement dated Dec. 17.

``We must do everything we can to bring our negotiations to a swift and fair conclusion for the benefit of writers and all those who are being harmed by the companies' failure to engage in serious negotiations,'' Patric M. Verrone, president of the union, said in the statement.

Writers, who walked off the job Nov. 5, have been unable to reach an agreement with the studios on the growing use of their work in digital media. Talks broke down for a second time on Dec. 7 after the studios rejected demands for higher pay for use of work on the Internet and a proposal to extend union jurisdiction to include animation and reality shows.

To contact the reporter on this story: Juho Erkheikki in Helsinki at

Monday, December 17, 2007

Darkest, Meanest GH EVER

OUCH my EYES! OUCH my HEART STRINGS! Today's GH is just so awful- especially for the Holiday season. I don't mean poorly done-- it's very well "executed", but it's just so awful.... Kate hit the nail on the head when she said that tonight was much worse than the Black and White Ball.

Georgie looked much more dead than Emily ever did. Poor Spinelli finding her! Poor Mac! Poor Maxie! Poor ME watching this! I need a Xanax!

Now it seems pretty obvious that it is Cooper. Way too obvious. I really think it's Cruz! Or Max! She wouldn't be afraid of either of them. I do think Max snapped awhile ago about Mrs C. Cruz could be a rogue cop, hired by Alcazar (still living in hiding and going to get Skye back when Robin Christopher leaves GH). The way Cruz insisted that Mac go to the Crime Scene-- it almost seemed like a perverted wish to have his boss see his daughter dead. Ugh. This whole thing is twisted! Twisted I tell you! Karen said to me earlier that it couldn't be Cruz because he was at the Metro Court with Mac. I had an AHA moment-- Georgie was ALREADY COLD when Spinelli found her-- so she was dead awhile. We don't know the exact time frame of the shooting vs the killing do we? Also Maxie making a point that Coops hands were cold...well, duh, he left his gloves at if he had killed Georgie there would be prints on the darn cord!!!!

When Cooper and Maxie were watching the snow, and going on about the silence of the snow...I got the creeps at first thinking about how silence could wake Georgie up because she's so sensitive. Well, not anymore. Never mind all the sirens going off in the distance! Duh-- they couldn't hear them!

I still want that Xanax-- Kate collapsing from shock, I was right with her! Good thing Diane showed up to have deep discussions and gave the woman some hard truths to face.

I even enjoyed Trevor with Ric, although when he ordered Ric's Scotch, he forgot to say "neat" as Ric requested. Oh well.

Sonny cracked me up when he said "IwanJohnnyZakkhradhrasradead" really fast and all mixed up like that!

Well that's all right now.... I don't have a Xanax, so I guess I'll have a glass of water and a few deep breaths!

The More Books The Better

What a RUSH

Anyone who really knows me, knows that the Canadian Rock Band RUSH has been my favorite band for over 25 years. I've had the honor to meet "the boys" three times and have been to over 35 concerts. I was so excited yesterday when I visited RUSH to learn the following news:

Dec 06 07

Congratulations to RUSH! It has just been nominated for the 2008 Grammy's in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance Category for Malignant Narcissism

"The Ecstasy Of Gold" - Metallica; Track from: "We All Love Ennio Morricone" [Sony Classical]
"Malignant Narcissism" - Rush; Track from: "Snakes & Arrows" [Anthem/Atlantic]
"Always With Me, Always With You" - Joe Satriani; Track from: "Satriani Live!" [Epic/Red Ink]
"Once Upon A Time In The West" - Bruce Springsteen; Track from: "We All Love Ennio Morricone" [Sony Classical]
"The Attitude Song" - Steve Vai; Track from: "Sound Theories Vol. I & II" [Epic/Red Ink]

Also- great news for us fans! Rush is going to continue their Snakes and Arrows Tour in 2008!
RUSH EXTEND WORLD TOUR INTO 2008. I am particularly psyched since I've had to miss the last two tours-- first times ever that I didn't get to go..and they are coming back to Boston!

TORONTO, ON – December 12, 2007:

After a hugely successful 2007 run, Rush are pleased to announce they will extend their Snakes & Arrows World Tour into 2008. The band will begin rehearsals in March to revamp the set list before kicking off the tour with their first ever appearance in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April.

2008 will see Rush tour in over 40 cities throughout the United States and Canada making stops in many where they haven’t performed in well over a decade including: Orlando, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Austin, Jacksonville and Winnipeg to name a few. Along the way, Rush will play new venues in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Seattle and will revisit some familiar ones in Boston, Washington and Charlotte amongst others. Rush fans can look forward to a complete tour announcement in mid January. As details develop more information will be made available at and

Due to the overwhelming response of their fans in North America, the “Snakes & Arrows” tour has been Rush’s highest grossing tour ever and the best attended in many years.
Snakes & Arrows (Anthem/Atlantic Records) was recorded in the fall of 2006 with Grammy Award-winner Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver) with Rush co-producing. Their first album of original material in nearly five years, Snakes & Arrows debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200. In addition, the track "Malignant Narcissism" has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

Since releasing its self-titled debut album in 1974, Rush has been universally regarded as one of the most inventive and exciting groups in rock, famed for virtuoso musicianship, epic soundscapes, and dramatic lyricism. The band’s extraordinary body of work – which includes such acclaimed works as 1976’s “2112,” 1981’s “MOVING PICTURES,” 1996’s “TEST FOR ECHO,” and 2002’s “VAPOR TRAILS” – has achieved worldwide sales exceeding 35 million units.

Fans will experience the technical virtuosity and hard-rocking compositions they have come to expect from Rush members, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart.

The Rush tour in North America is produced by Live Nation Global Touring and SRO/Anthem.

For complete tour & ticket information, fan club memberships and more, visit:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random GH spoiler musings and GO PATRIOTS!

There are tons of new spoilers out there-- confirmed or not, I don't know...but I keep chaning my thoughts about this text killer, and I do agree with Karen's rumor that alternate endings may be in place with even the cast not knowing!

Right now, this is my vote: Coop-- perhaps nuts from Iraq and can get rehabbed as a character for having PTSD? They've done crazier things! Or Coop hired by Alcazar (who is secretly alive somewhere) to eliminate women in Sonny's life, and once he has a taste for killing again, he goes after Maxie for cheating on him, then kills Georgie because she's on to him. OR Coop avenging everyone around Sonny for Sonny hurting Brenda? And Jax hurting Brenda? Ah well, let the scabs or the producers figure it out and write it! It may really not be written yet at all.

2nd killer-- Max. Can't have Carly...can't go on without her. Snapped. Working to ruin Sonny also.

I was going with the rogue cop Cruz theory-- and this could still be so.

Ok- back to my books! I just finished two good ones:

I have to go shovel again! Hubby is out getting paid to remove snow, so someone has to do it here, bad back or no! I can't get out the back door! Snow blows, lol!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Gh preview clip

Also from YouTube-- previews from 12/26-12/27


Don't forget to buy something from Amazon for your favorite Christmas email buddies- they'll even gift wrap and it's not too late!

GH Luke visits Hades

I have to admit I really loved Luke's visit to Hades! It was funny, creative and I really wonder how much of a hand Tony Geary had in writing the whole thing. I was baffled by Skye being his guide, but that's ok-- she looked beautiful and he was very hopeful at first! Here's a YouTube clip of part of it..enjoy!

Late Night Humor may return in January

Latenight tries to stage comeback
Hosts may be back on air by Jan. 7th
Conan O'Brien is likely to return in early January, according to latenight insiders.

With latenight ratings continuing to plunge, the betting in network circles is that several hosts will be back on the air by Jan. 7, if not sooner.
Nothing's been officially decided, and nobody will comment. But with the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers so broken up, people familiar with the situation said several hosts are nearing the conclusion that it's time to return.

Latenight hosts have stayed off the job since the strike began out of deference to their scribes. And while talks were ongoing, they didn't want to take away any leverage from WGA negotiators by returning. They even went so far as to begin paying their nonscribe staffs out of their own pockets.

So who will come back first? There's some talk that the Big Four hosts -- David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Craig Ferguson -- may all return around the same time. While informal discussions between the NBC and CBS camps have continued via backchannels throughout the strike (Daily Variety, Nov. 16), absolutely nothing like that has been agreed upon.More than one option(Co) Daily Variety
Filmography, Year, Role
(Co) Daily Variety

Latenight insiders, however, believe Leno and O'Brien are most likely to return in early January, no matter what Letterman decides. NBC has to be concerned about the plunging ratings for both shows, which in recent weeks have lost nearly half their audience.

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel has actually done OK in repeats, a reflection of the show's audience growth in the past year and a sign regular Leno and Letterman viewers may be checking out the "new" guy. Getting a read on his intentions has been more difficult, though some latenight observers believe he may also be preparing to go back soon.

Biggest fear in latenight circles is that the WGA will denounce hosts who come back. Carson Daly, who's not even a WGA member, took a tongue-lashing from the guild and has had to endure at least one disruption of his show by disgruntled scribes (Daily Variety, Dec. 13).

Those worries -- and a desire not to be the first host back -- explain why nobody has returned to the air this week, even though talks have broken down. Some latenight insiders fear the hosts may yet still decide to stay off the air.

Writers for both Letterman and O'Brien have been quoted as saying they'd understand if their hosts returned to work, particularly since they stayed off the air for nearly two months.

Meanwhile, the latenight laugh blackout continues to help ABC's "Nightline." For the second consecutive week, the ABC News broadcast beat both Leno's and Letterman's shows -- the first time that's happened since 1995.

More than one option(Tv) Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage
(Tv) Nightline

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's been awhile

Sorry to not have posted in days. Just feeling my back pain and having icky weather and no motivation. Has anyone ever tried Jointflex for arthritis pain? I just bought some-- $19.99!! But a money back guarantee, so I figured it's worth a try.

GH is pretty much boring me to tears, but I try to watch some of it. The whole Emily thing is just creepy. What is she- a zombie?

It doesn't look like the writer's strike is going to end soon. Good thing I enjoy House repeats on Tuesday night! I'd love a doc like Greg House on daytime TV!

Well- have a good day. Maybe I'll post again if this Jointflex stuff works on my back and leg!

The More Books the Better
ps- I just had to return some library books- unread---that's how not "myself" I am!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Writers Stike update

THE FOLOWING IS FROM LATESHOWWRITERS.COM..for some reason my blog rejects their link..I did not write this and only want to share.
The More Books The Better
This "blog" or "webblog" or "internetwebblog" or "interwebblognetwebblog" will feature the thoughts and observations of Late Show writers Eric Stangel, Justin Stangel, Bill Scheft, Steve Young, Matt Roberts, Tom Ruprecht, Jeremy Weiner, Lee Ellenberg, Joe Grossman and Bob Borden regarding the current writers strike.

There is a lot at stake with this strike and these are serious issues. The Late Show writers are on the picket lines every day they are scheduled. We are not making light of this situation. One way to get people to pay attention to the strike and its issues is through humor.

And now a LateShowWritersOnStrike.Com World Exclusive...

"Speechless" Ugly Betty

(Note from Laura- I made a change in which Speechless is shown on my blog )

Friday, December 7, 2007


Over the past four and a half weeks, we writers have spent endless hours picketing. We come home with aching backs, tired legs and sore feet. But, one silver lining has been the wonderful friends we’ve made on the picket line. Yes, it’s true, with so many people walking the lines, it’s difficult to remember all their names, but nonetheless, I am confident many of these friendships will last a lifetime. If I may, I’d now like to list those people with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to establish a lasting bond:

The guy in the hat.

The woman in the hat.

The woman in the hat, who I had originally thought was a guy in a hat (oops!).

The guy who always smells like a hamster cage, although, unsettlingly, he doesn’t own a hamster.

The guy who earlier today elbowed Buck Henry out of the way to snag the last bite-size Almond Joy.

Richard Belzer (not the celebrity, the one who wrote for Crosswits in ’86).

The girl who, even though I’ve told her my name 20 times, still thinks my name is “Stavros.”

The guy who looks like a fat Kyle MacLachlan.

Alan or Adam Zweibel…I forget.

The guy who wrote for Airwolf for 3 seasons and ends every story with, “That man’s name? Jan-Michael Vincent.”

And, last but certainly not least, my new best friend who was kind enough to share with me the details of his collapsing marriage…guy in brown pants.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mission Impossible

Thoughts on the bits and pieces of GH I saw/heard today. I might just have to watch the whole thing on Soapnet with the radio on playing some cheesy Christmas songs and the sound down on the TV.

When Trevor was talking to Johnny and he said "WHOA WHOA WHOA"... I so wanted him to break into song and end up singing "Feelings, nothing more than feelings" Dating myself..but it was a very funny song back in the day.

Jerry/Alexis-- only saw a bit, but loved her talk of his "suspiciously large", bank deposit. Yeah, uh huh.

Leyla wanted to have a drink with her MATES? Since when do they say Mates (meaning Friends) in Iran?

Now- the Mission Impossible theme really kicked in when the detective wanted to talk to Jason about Emily's murder and said "My question, should you choose to answer it" really struck a "Your Mission, should you choose to accept it" nerve with me, and made me wonder if Jason has an implant that will make him self destruct if he does wrong. Or if the whole thing will become action packed right up to the end of the show and then it ends in freeze frame with slow mo music...

What am I reading you may ask? Do I recommend these books for holiday gift giving? Or just for yourself. I am all for the SELF thing, but it can't hurt to give books to people who love to read (especially when they read during GH!)

Yes, very good for that happy family holiday feel...NOT, but intersting read. Dark.
Here is me, the beloved arthritis poster girl--I'm trying, it might work!
Desperate Houswives fans should like this one!

More tomorrow-- a gal can only read so much at a time, and cook and clean and watch TV and take care of a husband and one and a half demanding cats!

The More Books the Better

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

General Hospital today

Thoughts on the little bit I saw today (WHY do people always call me around 3 pm? Is it an omen?) Anywho-- I love Kate's coat/jacket. Wonder where I could get one? Sonny's dimple smile still works for me. Any guy with dimples works for me! Funny, my husband doesn't have dimples--but he works for me the most!

Spinelli should listen to Jason and get out now. He is young, smart, not all THAT involved, except computer stuff and could get a great job at ELQ or somewhere.

Why when the girls have their night out do they always have to go drinking? Couldn't they go shoe shopping or something like that? I wouldn't want a bunch of hung over doctors and nurses working on me the next day.

TVGuide reports on Kristina Wagner's return and how sad the whole first day was for her, doing scenes of Georgie's funeral and having Maxie rag on her about being an absent Mom. While it may be true of Felicia, what a way to make Kristina want to come back for more than short term, eh?

I'm finding myself saying and writing "eh?" a lot lately-- it's so cold it feels like Canada to me. Time to play some Rush CD's, eh?

The More Books the Better

Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday updates

Blatantly took this graphic from my buddy Karen at just because I Wubs the idea of Sarah as Brenda!
Rumors are running rampant about just who Sarah Brown will play when she returns to GH.

Also my friend Marlena has another column up about the GH Black and White Ball at MARLENA DE LACROIS SOAP OPERA FOR THE THINKING FAN

Genie Francis will be appearing in the Hallmark Channel original movie "The Note" on December 8th at 9pm.
Today, watch for Genie on "The View" on ABC. Check your local listings.

The writer's strike continues, negotiations continue...blah blah blah..... nothing big to report this morning.

The More Books the Better

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Entertainment News

The funniest blog I've found about the writer's strike is from David Letterman's staff writers. Visit the blog at Late Show Writers On Strike

OJ Simpson and two other men face arraignment today on kidnapping and armed robbery charges. I put this under entertainment news since OJ always makes the Entertainment News shows on TV with almost as much media at Britney.
Might be entertaining-- "Defense attorneys lost a bid during an earlier hearing to get any charges dismissed, despite claims they were based on accounts by "crackheads and groupies and pimps and purveyors of stolen merchandise and gun carriers and con artists and crooks." Las Vegas Sun Now there are hints of Pretrial Maneuvers as the Judge and Attorneys try to find a trial date sometime in 2008.

Breitbart News

Carson Daly About to Defy Writers Strike

Nov 28 12:49 AM US/Eastern

NEW YORK (AP) - NBC's "Last Call with Carson Daly" is about to become the first late- night talk show to defy the writers strike and resume production.
Daly, who is not a member of the Writers Guild, will begin taping new episodes of his Burbank-based show this week for airing next week, an NBC spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

The half-hour "Last Call" airs at 1:35 a.m. EST weeknights, but whether Daly's first new episode would air next Monday or Tuesday was initially unclear. No guests were disclosed.

"The Writers Guild of America, East joins our colleagues of the Writers Guild of America, West in expressing our profound disappointment with Carson Daly's decision to return to work," the guild said in a statement that also commended other late-night talk show hosts for showing solidarity with their writers. "We thank them and hope that Mr. Daly will reconsider his decision, including the soliciting of scab writers to provide material for his program."

Daly is not the first talk-show host to go back into production. Ellen DeGeneres, who is a member of the union, has continued taping her daytime syndicated talk show after shutting down the first day of the strike. But "Last Call" becomes the first to break ranks among the late-night shows, which all had chosen to air repeats rather than tape new shows without their striking writers.

It was unclear what effect, if any, the return of "Last Call" would have on other late-night talk shows, which include NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," CBS' "Late Show with David Letterman" and "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," and ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Comedy Central's late-night news-and- commentary spoofs, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" with Stephen Colbert, have also been in reruns.

There was no immediate word on when any of those shows might follow suit and return with new episodes.

On Monday, contract talks with the studios resumed for the first time since movie and TV writers went on strike Nov. 5. The Writers Guild is seeking more money for material distributed over the Internet and cell phones.


NBC is owned by General Electric Co.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marlena's back!

Breaking news! An old friend to all soap fans is back with an online column. First up she tackles the GH Black and White Ball and does a smashing job! Welcome back my friend!!!!

MARLENA DE LACROIX Soap Opera for the Thinking Fan

Spooky WGA Event

WGA Horror Writers Plan Studio Exorcism

Today, some kooky WGA members have scheduled a very spooky protest at 11:30 AM PT that involves presumably fake priests and nuns throwing holy water at Warner Bros Studios. (Oh, yeah, this so-called "studio exorcism" is just gonna thrill Barry Meyer and Alan Horn...) "In a town where accounting is not what it seems, where books are cook'd like witches' brew, and net profits are cannibalized and passed through the bowls of darkness, where residuals formulae are wrought by prestidigitatory art and fair compensation is a distant dream, one guild risked everything to make a difference and so can you." I hear free "Horror Writers On Strike -- We Eat Scabs" T-shirts will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. And the dress code, of course, is black.

Posted by Nikki Finke on Tuesday, Nov 27th, 2007
Deadline Hollywood Daily

Be sure to visit the link to see the cool/scary pic and also to read the article from earlier today with the latest on negotiations

The More Books the Better

Latest on the Writer's Strike

Evidently things are looking up.

Visit Deadline Hollywood Daily for the latest scoop!

The More Books the Better

Say What?

Gene Lavancy, Fox 25 News

Gotta love the Fox 25 Morning News here in Boston. Within 3 minutes after rolling out of my nice warm bed and turning on the news to see the weather for today I heard/saw the following:

1) That Ted Kennedy is going to write his memoirs and be paid gazillions of dollars. (Say what? Does he, like, actually remember stuff? Who's the ghostwriter?)

2) The lead singer of Quiet Riot's death does not appear suspicious. He did have a history of substance abuse. (Say what? A rock star with a substance abuse issue?)

3) There's actually a diner (think 50's and 60's) in Allston with a 1980's theme! It's called The Breakfast Club and features 80's food and music. Among the most popular music are The Breakfast Club Theme and Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield.
(Say WHAT? I'm hungry now-- those hash browns look good! Where the heck is Allston anyway? Can I catch a ride?)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Latest on Writers Strike Talks

The following was just posted this afternoon at the link below.

Deadline Hollywood Daily

Dare We Hope A Deal Has Been Struck...?
As the WGA strike begins its 4th week, I've been told positive news about today's resumption of contract talks between the writers and the producers. So positive, in fact, that I'm almost fearful to post it. But here goes: a very reliable source tells me that there appears to be a deal seemingly in place between both sides.

"It's already done, basically," the insider describes. That's because of the weeks worth of groundwork by the Hollywood agents working the writers guild leadership on one side, and the studio and network moguls on the other. I was told not to expect an agreement this week. But my source thought it was possible that the strike could be settled before Christmas.

Look, I don't want to raise false hope here. But this source has been very accurate in the past. The negotiations starting today will have a news blackout, so don't expect any significant leaks. But consider the real possibility there's been a breakthrough. Still, I must caution that this is Hollywood -- where defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory nearly every time.

Talks Restarted At Agent Bryan Lourd's Home After Weeks Of Quiet Backchannel
LET'S STRIKE A DEAL! Both Sides Agree To Go Back Into Talks
Posted by Nikki Finke on Monday, Nov 26th, 2007 at 02:38AM

Writer's Strike update

Entertainment Weekly

EW reports the following:

WGA Strike Talks Resume
The Writers Guild of America will hold formal negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers today for the first time since Nov. 4
Talks between the striking Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers are set to resume today (Nov. 26) under a media blackout at an undisclosed neutral site. The meeting marks the first time the two sides will negotiate formally since the strike began on Nov. 4. There is no word as to whether talks are scheduled to continue on Tuesday. In the meantime, WGA will resume picketing today after breaking last Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday. The dispute revolves around the sharing of revenue generated by new media projects. In addition to causing scores of television projects to be put on hold indefinitely, the strike has also started to bleed into the movie industry, prompting production halts on major features like Ron Howard's DaVinci Code prequel Angels and Demons, Oliver Stone's Pinkville, and Warner Bros.' Shantaram, which stars Johnny Depp. As of last week, the ''Get Back in That Room'' website had logged more than 460 strike-related dismissals. (Variety)

My thoughts you ask? "a media blackout and an undisclosed neutral site"... huh? Is this the Mideast Peace Talks or soemthing? C'mon- it's entertainment and the talks are probably way more interesting than the actual TV shows and movies! More fun to report on. Whose the scrooge keeping the lid on things today? Freedom of the Press! Where's Matt Drudge when you need him? Gotta go check out the "Get Back in That Room" website just because I love the name!

I had a really fun morning at the Beverly Public Library in Beverly, MA. There was an event with three authors from the Sisters In Crime New England Chapter and I promise a couple of pictures and a recap soon!

The More Books the Better

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Selections

You can see above The Order of Importance for Required Television Viewing in our home tonight.
Darn good thing we have two tv's and I can slip away for an hour-- even bring my books with me so I can read during commercials! When you have 35 books (at least) calling your name, and fueling your guilt, you tend to take them with you everywhere. I think I am reading 8, or maybe 9 at once right now.

Thanksgiving is behind us now, and we are starting a whole new life-- a rebirth of sorts. It's been one hell of a year, draining us in every way imaginable and then some. Yet a year later, the outcome is positive and we are picking ourselves up, dusting each other off, and putting one foot in front of the other. New people, new understanding, new perspective and a more thorough understanding of who our friends and family really are and what they mean to us.

Today we ventured forth to a nearby city to check on parking for an event I am attending tomorrow. Little did we know (since we don't get a local newspaper anymore) that today was the Santa Parade. Right along the road we were driving on. We were too early for the parade, but not for the parade go-ers. They lined some big streets, 3 deep. I felt like the parade was US-- celebrating our new lives! So, naturally, I practiced my "Queen Wave" now and then. I do believe I caught my husband eyeballing a Sponge Bob balloon lustily. We did not speak of it, however.
Found where I am going tomorrow morning at the unholy hour of 9 am. They have promised coffee--which I don't usually partake of, but tea is also on the menu. My doctor actually kind of laughed at me when I told him I only drink coffee 4 or 5 times a year. Yeah, weird, I know.

Upon our escape from the Parade Fanatics, I left the husband at home to rake leaves and clean gutters and sought solace in our local library..which was crowded itself.
I did find a couple of books to divert myself from the 37 or 45 or 500 that I have at home already. These are what I found. The one about authors would make a great Christmas present if you have a friend or family member who is a writer themselves! The Cat that Changed My Life is a book Sophie enjoyed very much.

In the book sale room I found a book for the husband too-- a real bargain. He is thrilled.

We did finish watching Season 4 of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". We've already watched all of Season 5 and most of Season 6, but Season 4 came to us on DVD late in the game. I love "Curb"...but the episode where Larry is in "The Producers" on Broadway nearly put me to sleep. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING LARRY? No good can come of that! Well, no good comes ever in most of the episodes of Curb. For awhile, I thought I'd like to be more like Larry David in some ways. The more I watched, the more I realized I'd carry Larry with me in my head, and as I encounter difficult situations in life, I would think to myself "WWLD" (what would Larry Do?). I would do the opposite 9 times out of 10. Gotta love Larry though.

Tonight is now books, books, and preparation for the ladies of "Sisters in Crime" tomorrow morning-- I hope to report in that it is a really fun, informative tea and talk event. Oh yeah, and Desperate Housewives and The Patriots game-- how could I forget those!

Peace and Light
The more books the better.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

California Burning again

Photo from KABC in Malibu

California wildfires are burning again. As of 5:50 EST, CNN is reporting zero percent containment. 35 homes lost already and thousands of people being evacuated.

Sending positive thoughts to all life in the Malibu area-- we hope this is under control fast and that no lives are lost.

For further detail and updates, visit or or whatever internet news source you prefer.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Kennedy name-- a curse?

Breitbart Breaking News

*Just one day after the 44th anniversary of the JFK assassination, an unrelated (as far as I know) Kennedy has died young.*

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - Major league pitcher Joe Kennedy died early Friday morning, a Hillsborough County sheriff's official said. He was 28.
Kennedy passed out at home and was brought to a hospital, Hillsborough County sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. She had no further details.

Kennedy's agent, Damon Lapa, told that Kennedy died while at home with family in Florida. He did not return phone calls and an e- mail from The Associated Press.

"We were terribly shocked," Blue Jays president Paul Godfrey said. "From what we understand he was in Bradenton ... to be the best man at a wedding today."

Godfrey said he didn't have any particulars on the cause of death.

"Obviously, when a 28-year-old man dies, ball player or not, it's a terrible, terrible thing," he said.

The left-hander was 43-61 in seven major league seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, Arizona Diamondbacks and Toronto Blue Jays. Kennedy compiled a 43-61 record with a 4.79 ERA, pitching 908 2/3 innings over 222 career appearances.

Kennedy made his major league debut in June 2001 and made his last appearance in relief on Sept. 29 in a 5-3 win over Tampa Bay.

Godfrey said Toronto was interested in bringing Kennedy back.

"We had every intention to speak to him," he said. "We had him on our list to talk to."

Kennedy began the 2007 season in Oakland as a starter but was moved to the bullpen after going 3-9 with a 4.37 ERA. He appeared in 27 games, including 16 starts, before being placed on waivers.

The Diamondbacks claimed Kennedy on Aug. 4, but he appeared in just three games for Arizona, allowing seven runs in 2 2-3 innings, before being designated for assignment on Aug. 15. The Blue Jays signed Kennedy on Aug. 29, and he got his first win as a Blue Jay on Sept. 21 at the New York Yankees.

"We are deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Joe's passing. He was a valued teammate and friend to everyone with the A's organization," Oakland assistant general manager David Forst said in a statement. "On behalf of the entire A's organization, we extend our condolences to Joe's wife, Jami and his entire family."

In other Kennedy news-- this time it is the political Kennedy family-- poor Joan Kennedy, ex wife of Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy is reportedly back in rehab for her seemingly unending battle with alcoholism. Joan- we wish you well. You've had a very difficult life.

Joan Kennedy reportedly drinking again

Posted by F.M.

Joan Kennedy is reportedly being treated for alcohol-related problems at a Boston hospital.

The Boston Herald reports she got drunk at a social event this weekend and her caretakers had to admit her.

This latest episode could spell legal problems as well.

Kennedy had agreed not to drink after a deal with her children last year in Family Court.

If it's found she broke that agreement, she could be placed in permanent guardianship by the court and assigned round-the-clock caretarkers.
WBZ1030 radio

Billy Dee Willaims

Billy Dee Makes Thanksgiving Sound Cool
Posted Nov 23rd 2007 2:52PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Movies

Thanksgiving Rule #1: Whenever you ask Billy Dee Williams about his holiday plans, be sure to show some respect and refer to him as Mr. Williams.

Thanksgiving Rule #2: Never forget rule #1.

See this video and much more at

All Readers Need This..imagine all the reading you could ever want....drool....

I initially told a friend I would never want the Amazon Kindle-- I love the new book smell and holding a book. I love bookstores, libraries and Amazon... she promptly reminded me that if I were to travel, it would be wonderful to have so many books, newspapers and magazines at my fingertips any time. I am now drooling over this new device.... Santa, please? Well, maybe next year!

You think you can fool The Science Guy?

News of the weird for today:

Bill Nye Seeks Restraining Order for Ex

Nov 22 12:20 AM US/Eastern

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Bill Nye wants his ex-fiancee out of his life and it's not just because of some bad chemistry.
Nye, who hosted the educational PBS series "Bill Nye, the Science Guy," is seeking a permanent restraining order against Blair Tindall, alleging she tried to poison his vegetable garden, according to court records.

He said Tindall came to his Studio City home late Sept. 3 dressed in black and carrying "two plastic bottles filled with some sort of solvent," according to court papers filed last week in Superior Court.

The bottles "may have been emptied on my garden from which I get food produce," he said in the filing. Nye is seeking to keep Tindall away from his home and from contacting him.

Nye, 51, identified Tindall as his ex-fiancee, even though the two announced in February 2006 that they were married by the Rev. Rick Warren, pastor and author of "The Purpose-Driven Life."

An after-hour call to Tindall's attorney was not immediately returned Wednesday.

Tindall, author of "Mozart in the Jungle" and a former concert oboist, admitted in a declaration that she emptied two bottles of weed killer in the garden.

In court papers posted on the Web site The Smoking Gun, Tindall said that after marrying Nye, the two bought the Studio City home for $1 million. But when they found out their marriage license was "invalid," Nye "ordered me not to move into our home" and the relationship ended.

Distress over the "faux marriage" and a series of financial and personal problems led to "a foolish, sophomoric act of poor judgment that was only intended to harm flowers, and certainly not people," she said.

Tindall said she has sought counseling and contends she is not a threat to Nye.

A hearing was scheduled Dec. 20 in the case.

Breitbart Breaking News

Sticking to the Science theme-- The Sun Might be smaller than we think?
Sun may be smaller than thought
10:48 19 November 2007 news service
David Shiga

The Sun may be about 300 kilometres smaller than some previous measurements have suggested, if a new study is correct (Image: NASA)Tools Related ArticlesSun's 'twin' an ideal hunting ground for alien life
03 October 2007
Planet search reveals smallest star ever
04 March 2005
New data clouds cosmic distance measurements
22 January 2004
Search New Scientist
Contact us
Web LinksWerner Schmutz, WRC
Alexander Kosovichev, Stanford University
Sun facts and figures, NASA
Sarbani Basuale University
The Sun may be smaller than we thought, a new study argues.
If correct, then other properties of the Sun such as its internal temperature and density may be slightly different than previously calculated. Understanding the Sun's interior is important as it might help scientists make predictions about space weather and answer questions about the solar system.
The Sun has no solid surface. Its atmosphere merely gets thinner and more transparent farther from its centre.
Instead the Sun's "surface" is defined to be the depth in the Sun's atmosphere where it becomes opaque to light. Scientists measure this by observing the Sun with telescopes and measuring the distance between the centre of the Sun's disc and its "edge" – the place where its brightness suddenly drops off. This gives a radius of 695,990 kilometres, or about 109 times the radius of Earth.
A second, completely different way to measure the Sun's size is by using surface gravity waves called f-modes that ripple across the surface of the Sun like water waves on the ocean.
Multiple choiceTheory implies that these waves should appear only at the Sun's opaque surface, and observations of them can be used to measure the Sun's radius, since their wavelength is tied to their distance from the Sun's centre in a predictable way.
Scientists have been puzzled for years because these methods give two different answers. The wave method gives a radius of around 695,700 kilometres, about 300 kilometres smaller than the result from the light drop-off measurement.
Although the difference amounts to just 0.04%, it is large enough to matter when scientists try to gain insights on the Sun's interior by interpreting observations of sound waves – which ripple the Sun's surface in addition to the f-modes – using a technique called helioseismology.

There is so much more to this story-- read the whole news story at:

New Scientist

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yeah- you read right-- Tofurky is what we eat at our vegetarian household! Ok-- well it's what I eat. Hubby will eat some. Cat won't. Hubby and cat will beg turkey from nice neighbor!

Here's a fun YouTube Thanksgiving video for you! Enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Morning Tidbits

My thoughts on the above photo of Drew Peterson:.. How DARE you hide behind an NYPD cap and an American Flag to cover your lying face? Third wife murdered-- thought you got away with it! Ok-- easier the 2nd time. WHERE IS STACY?? I suppose you'll team up with OJ to find the real killers next. Or was it the "Text Killer" on General Hospital. It now appears you may even be low enough to try to frame an ex boyfriend of hers.

From GH 411 on

On a lighter note: Go Patriots!!!!! 10-0~!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Whale in the Amazon

The whale's back and fin were out of water and exposed to the sun

Last Updated: Saturday, 17 November 2007, 11:16 GMT

Whale found deep in Amazon jungle
By Gary Duffy
BBC News, Sao Paulo

Whale with swimmers
A 5.5m long minke whale has been spotted more than 1600km (994 miles) from the Atlantic Ocean, deep inside the Amazon rain forest.
The whale ran aground earlier this week but after being freed with the help of vets and biologists it disappeared shortly afterwards.

It is the second time this week in Brazil that a lost animal has been spotted in an unexpected location.

The minke whale ran aground on a sandbar deep inside the Amazon.

Local people had been splashing water on the whale's back and fin while it was exposed to the hot Amazon sun.

The whale is said to weigh about 12 tons.

Reports of a mysterious animal in the area had been causing alarm among locals near to the Tapajos river, a tributary of the Amazon.

Experts say the animal could have been in the area for a couple of months.

After the whale was freed, helicopters and boats were involved in a search of the area but nothing was found.

A biologist said it was thought the animal became separated from its group and swam upstream, until it ran aground near Santarem in Para state.

While it is not unprecedented, it is unusual for whales to venture so far into fresh water.

Beach alligator

The whale is not the only animal to get lost in Brazil this week.

On Thursday a young reptile - which was 1.5m long - turned up at a popular beach in Rio de Janeiro and had to be rescued by firemen.

They had been searching for the alligator for some time and had closed Barra beach, but despite this some swimmers insisted on entering the water.

The caiman, or yellow stomach alligator as it is known in Brazil, was taken to a local zoo for treatment for a broken leg.

This endangered species is normally found in freshwater swamps and marshes, and the fire service in Rio said it was the first time they had rescued one from the sea.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New book and YouTube- Emily

Today I'm reading a fun/mystery/family murders/romance book-- loved the title so I got the book-- now I love the book!

Friday, November 16, 2007

TGIF! Spoilers and You Tube cuts

The above are two of my favorite Youtube videos from the Black and White Ball. Both feature the Evil Crazy Anthony Z-- love his facial expressions--when he says "Uh oh" when Johnny tries to shoot him and the gun is empty...and loved the hand puppet talking scene with Nik, Sam and Lucky! The writing is great, the acting wonderful and truly over the top!

Some spoilers from Linda Hirsch- found these on Soapzone this morning-- kudos to the Zone posters who are way more on top of things than I am these days! I used to have stuff 3 weeks or more in advance...those were the days! Anyone remember the old Soap Opera Magazine chats..I think they were Friday afternoons, and they'd feed us scoops as soon as they were faxed in...and sometimes Nancy Lee Grahn would just pop in and visit. There just isn't fun like that anymore...well, except for all the fun Karen creates on!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason and Zacchara engage in a vicious fight, with Jason eventually getting the upper hand and firing two shots into Zacchara's chest. Zacchara dives off the turret and lands on the awning below, barely clinging to life. Robin uses a portable defibrillator to jumpstart Luke's heart before he's evacuated off the island. Luke undergoes emergency surgery, but Tracy learns he still isn't out of the woods and will need a bypass. Johnny seals his fate when he aligns himself with Trevor. Nikolas is distraught after finding Emily's body in his bed. Carly, Jason and Lulu realize there really is a text message killer on the loose. Skye takes action when Ric refuses to submit to surgery until he knows that Alexis is OK. Ric and Alexis decide to try to be friends for the sake of their daughter. Carly decides she, Jax, Mike and Bobbie should give the boys a perfect Thanksgiving Day. Although yearning for one another, Patrick and Robin go their separate ways on the holiday. Lulu and Logan share an unconventional Thanksgiving together.
SNEAK PEEK: Luke disappears.

Ok- then--a Perfect Thanksgiving, that will make it all ok for The Boys. That's about all I have to say other than thank goodness for horse meds, portable defribillators and other Emergency Supplies. Get yours here (well not the horse meds of course!)Some are just too funny, others very serious and every home should have at least one! Now if someone would just buy the first one for Wyndemere, baby could have a new pair of shoes!

Thoughts on Thursdays show:

The way characters are leaving, dying whatever, I would think we'd be seeing new opening credits for the new year. Even the hairstyles are dated on most characters on the current run. I know they say it costs a fortune to make new credits, but geez, I would think even an enterprising fan could do it for next to nothing on the net!

When Lulu had that big old stick at the ready to swing at whoever came her way, all I could hear in my head was "Lulu, walk softly dear, but carry a big stick" in her mother's voice!

Just how much hair product do the guys have at this ball? They all look great...and almost no one looks like they need a shave after, what is it, 11 hours! I still haven't gotten over Jax bounding down the stairs the other day all dry and did he get up the stairs? I saw a funny post somewhere on the Zone where it was suggested that he found a surf board and rode a wave up onto the parapet! Creative!

I was thinking that Kate must share the same hair products because her 'do never got mussed even after hot sex with Sonny. That castle must be damp in this weather too.
At least at the end that darn flower was out of her hair and she was messed up looking when she was with AZ. Still looking defiant though- that's one Tough Cookie.

As Karen said on her blog "NOW Liz finds the horse tranquilizers? " Never mind Ric's pain, Alexis, Luke..Leyla...NOW she finally finds them? Which leads me to another question-- where is dear old Sheba during this? How exactly did Nurse Liz know immediately just how much to put in the syringe-- did she just guess Nik's weight versus that of Sheba? Speaking of Nik's weight, how the heck did tiny Liz support him while he was making his way to sit down?

Loved it when Jerry ran out of bullets during his shootout with AZ-- he just said "Damn"... yeah, right....I know this isn't HBO, but couldn't he have muttered more under his breath or at least said "freaking damn"?

Lulu/Johnny-- they, when all is over with, could volunteer at GH together and form a support group to help adult children of parents with mental illness. It would be a very good community service, would help them both and give them a safe place to bond.
Seriously. A good idea.

As for Sonny-- well, isn't he something telling Kate how much he likes doing things illegal-- no matter what the cost. Wake up and smell the coffee-- he means even YOU Kate. Run, Kate, Run.

Jason's eyes look ready to leak over Emily!! I wonder if he packs a monogramed hanky along with his gun? Sonny and Jason so needed to hug over their grief...I kept waiting for it...almost, almost... nope. When Liz was holding Emily's hands and then kissed her forehead, Jason's head titled like an inquisitive puppy, and I wished we could hear him thinking "Aww, my girlfirend just kissed my poor dead sister, how sweet is that.... followed by EEEWWWWWWWWWW"