Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fishing Equipment info

Fishing equipment is all sold- thanks for the reminder from the nice fellow from the UK!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a fun yard sale!

After spending most of Friday sorting and pricing, with the help of my sister and a dear friend of mine, we were ready for Saturday morning and anticipating the work and the crowds. There was plenty of both, but we had much more fun than I expected! I'm very glad to share some stories here and they should also appear on GarageSalesTracker when they update.

GarageSalesTracker is a really great tool for Garage Sales with free advertising and helpful information.

Yesterday we ended up selling almost exclusively kitchen supplies and appliances. It amazed all of us how one man could have so much stuff- much of it brand new. It was great to get good prices on decent equipment, and also felt good to see people's faces when they were delighted to find just what they needed, or items they didn't know they needed until they saw them. It was an eclectic group of shoppers of all ages from kids to the elderly, probably equal amounts of men and women, some families, and neighbors we'd never met. Almost everyone came with a smile and kind words, and we got a lot of hugs from people we don't see often so that was a bonus! I'm a hugger and always say the more hugs the better.

Our next Garage Sale will be in two weeks. I do call it a garage sale when it's really a driveway sale because I do want people to visit the GarageSalesTracker site and help them to thrive!

Thank you to everyone who came to look, shop and buy and we hope to have continuing good turnouts as we next should be selling electronics and in September much more of the Christmas decorations. We hardly had room to put any of them out yesterday! The sale was such a success that we felt able to cancel today and rest up- the weather is very humid with rain coming too. The next planned sale is in two weeks!

Ta ta and Cheerio!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy Moly It's a Giant Yard Sale

Has anyone ever actually sold their yard at a yard sale? Or their garage at a garage sale? Estate at an estate sale? Just asking!

We are about to embark on quite an adventure! Recently, our niece Kate's father passed away. It was not unexpected. What was unexpected was the amount of STUFF he accumulated. It boggles the mind.

Tomorrow will be the first day of many for a yard/estate sale to find new homes for his worldly goods. Mike and I volunteered for this, because we love KT with all our hearts and want her to have some money to help pay for her trip across the country to be here for her Dad's funeral.

There is furniture, there are boxes and boxes of kitchen goods and appliances. Books, Christmas items, so many things that I still haven't discovered! We expect a good turnout and good weather.

We are a little antsy about the amount of things in our house, so items will be priced to move. If you are anywhere near the NS in MA, we hope you'll come! The sale with details is posted at GarageSalesTracker

The people at GarageSalesTracker are doing a great job all across the country, and I was surprised and happy that they asked me to blog, and I will blog away as it will be a wonderful way to memorialize this giant event and hopefully find some tips to offer others for their sales! Thank you to GarageSalesTracker

Monday, July 6, 2009

Time Flies Like an Arrow- Fruit Flies Like a Banana

Holy Macaroni Batman! I have not blogged since May 25th!!! Where did that time go?
A lot has happened- Mike and I had our 24th anniversary on June 2nd. We officially adopted Ollie (see above) the Cat From Next Door. We had Mike's parents and sister Michelle visit for several days in June, and a wonderful family get together here with Mike's other sister and her family who I had not seen in many moons! It was great fun!
4th of July came to pass, and there were finally fireworks here. They'd been delayed because of rain almost the whole month of June and into the first couple of days of July. So, I guess that about accounts for the time flying and my lack of blogging!

I'm still trying to get the word out and sell some more copies of "Are You Gonna Eat That Banana/" before it withers and dies and goes out of print. There is indeed a sequel in my brain, but it may not come to me to type until I get some motivation by seeing "Banana" move at least a few more copies. You can get it by clicking this link:

Or a Kindle version here:

Happy July! Enjoy your summer! Nudge me now and then on Twitter or Facebook to blog! LauraHinds for both!

The More Books the Better