Thursday, May 21, 2009

Huge Money Savings Day @ Walgreens

This morning, armed with coupons, a well planned list, and a store sale flyer, I managed to get the following deals at my local Walgreens!

I did have a $5.00 of $25.00 printable coupon from that was only good yesterday, and today. You can still sign up and get one (as far as I know) but ONLY today!

Hint: Colgate Visable White and Bayer Quick Release Crystals are both only found near the register. Both are FREE after RRs.

Bottom line this AM: I got $79.02 in merchandise (inc tax) for $41.17 AND got $23.00 in RR's for a final price of $18.17!
Deals were:
Colgate Visible White $4.49, -$1 PC, and $4.49RR
Bayer Quick Release $2.49 $2.49 RR
Edge Shave Gel $1.79 - $1coupn $1.00RR
Dry Idea Clinical $5.99 $2 PC $5.00RR
Bandaids 4pkgs $10.00 $1 coupon $4.00RR
Bic Utility Lighter $2.99 $1 cpupn $1.00RR

Glade Sense& Spray on sale for 9.99 got 4.00 and 1.50 RR
Clairol Balsam Hair 4.99 got 2.00 RR
Off Clip On sale 9.99 buy 1 get 1 free with coupon 3.00 R

The printable coupons came from for Dry Idea, and Colgate site for toothpaste.
Others were from Sunday Flyers.

You can make this better if you have extra Band Aid Coupons (use 1 per pkg)!

That was really fun and people in line were asking for advice! I loved being able to help them, too!

Laura - use your savings and buy a book and still have a ton of $$ left!
"Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?"

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