Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy Moly It's a Giant Yard Sale

Has anyone ever actually sold their yard at a yard sale? Or their garage at a garage sale? Estate at an estate sale? Just asking!

We are about to embark on quite an adventure! Recently, our niece Kate's father passed away. It was not unexpected. What was unexpected was the amount of STUFF he accumulated. It boggles the mind.

Tomorrow will be the first day of many for a yard/estate sale to find new homes for his worldly goods. Mike and I volunteered for this, because we love KT with all our hearts and want her to have some money to help pay for her trip across the country to be here for her Dad's funeral.

There is furniture, there are boxes and boxes of kitchen goods and appliances. Books, Christmas items, so many things that I still haven't discovered! We expect a good turnout and good weather.

We are a little antsy about the amount of things in our house, so items will be priced to move. If you are anywhere near the NS in MA, we hope you'll come! The sale with details is posted at GarageSalesTracker

The people at GarageSalesTracker are doing a great job all across the country, and I was surprised and happy that they asked me to blog, and I will blog away as it will be a wonderful way to memorialize this giant event and hopefully find some tips to offer others for their sales! Thank you to GarageSalesTracker

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