Monday, April 5, 2010

Facebook | MILITARY DREAM WEDDING GIVEAWAY by Joanna Bailey Weddings

Our beloved niece Amy Burns and her fiancee Michael Grant are this years winners of the Military Dream Wedding by Joanna Bailey Weddings.  We are so thrilled for them!  Amy and Mike have been through a lot- especially their tour in Iraq.  No one could be more deserving!

I remember so well making Amy's web site while she was in Iraq- the pictures, especially the children, were amazing.  We all worried and worried about Amy and were so happy when she came home.  This wedding will be the icing on the cake for Amy and Mike's love story!

Facebook | MILITARY DREAM WEDDING GIVEAWAY by Joanna Bailey Weddings: "MILITARY DREAM WEDDING GIVEAWAY by Joanna Bailey Weddings The couple who has been chosen to receive this year's Military Dream Wedding is Amy Burns and Staff Sergeant Michael Grant! Please take a few minutes to meet them... I think you will agree that they are extraordinarily deserving. Their story will unfold over the next week. I truly hope that anyone who takes the time to learn about Amy and Mike will listen to their story with an open heart."

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