Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just the Facts: "Trickle Up Economy" The More Than "Inconvenient" Truth

Kindle Edition

Michael Savage has written a masterpiece on the current state of politics and economics and yes, encroaching socialism in the USA.
You might hear about this book and be led to wonder how he could possibly substantiate all the details of each chapter.  Yet you will find every chapter heavily annotated and documentation for every alleged instance of the manipulation of our economic and social systems.
This book is so very important for Americans to read to learn how, and indeed how quickly, we must act to save our country.  Borders, language and culture are just the tip of the iceberg.
Buy a copy for yourself.  Buy extras for your friends.  Spread the word.  If we don't save ourselves, we are sunk.  The meltdown (intentional) of our economy, the takeover of vast segments of our freedoms and the land grabs must be stopped.

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