Friday, June 20, 2008


It's been an interesting week. I've done something or other to my right knee so that it cracks when I walk and hurts like heck when I first sit down.
Using the RICE method for now. It was on the mend until Sophie decided to play hide and go seek the other day and I couldn't find her for 6 hours, so I searched high and low and crawled around on my knees.

Ok- I've been using most of the time for reading and writing, so that's not unusual, except I did get the courage to send the first part of my book to both a dear old friend and to my sister in law for review. I've only heard from my sister in law so far, but let me tell you, she hit it right on the head. The things she expressed are exactly what I knew in my head and heart were wrong. So, I'm going to continue with forward momentum on the book, but know what I have to focus on for rewrites. Maybe I can even just sit with good old fashioned paper and pen and scribble notes in the margins now and then as things occur to me. Small bites, baby steps.

While I've read several books lately, my favorite is Ann Leary's. We have always enjoyed her husband Denis Leary and to find that his wife is such a talent in her own right is a bonus. I highly recommend her newest book, and in fact, I'm awaiting arrival for her earlier work "An Innocent, a Broad". Here's an Amazon link for "Out takes from a Marriage". You'll love it.

The More Books the Better


Isobel said...

Is the book about her real marriage to Dennis or fiction?

Laura said...

Hi Isobel
Love your name!!!!!
The book is fiction, although I expect that she drew on some experience from being married to a celeb.
I am just starting her earlier book "An Innocent A Broad" this morning!
Thanks for writing