Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow is indeed Simple

Snow is simple if you rely on your body's signals- aches, pains, pressure...even your nose can smell snow on the way. Snow is not so simple if you are a TV Weather Futurecaster. The answer for them is CYA...and each channel gives a slightly different forecast so one of them is bound to be right. Snow was forecast to start at 4pm yesterday. They kept pushing the timeline up and I believe it was closer to 4 AM today!

Around 6:30 am I decided to take the Flipcam as far as the front door and video whatever I might see. Snow, snow,Snowplow at the corner trees, snow. Snowplow still just sitting there. What's he waiting for? Christmas? Oh! Car! Snowplow..
Whatdaya want from me? I hadn't even had coffee!

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