Friday, December 18, 2009

So what DID happen to November?

Before I tell you all about November, and what is happening this week before Christmas, please allow me to introduce one of my most favorite readers! Stormy belongs to my good pal Jackie and has loved reading about Sophie and Ollie in my novel!~ Stormy angling for a guest role in Google Ghoulash?
Speaking of Jackie-- the cupcakes are one her favorite things to bake and they look so yummy that my tummy is growling just looking at the picture!

November-- well National Novel Writing Month pretty much consumed me. Well, that and various medical ups and downs for hubby and me-- thank goodness all is well! Oh, and there was Thanksgiving too!

All in all, I made the 50K NANOWRIMO challenge in about 16-17 days of writing, finishing up at the 29th of November. Most of my writing was in fits and starts, but this time around I knew my characters, knew my story and had a plan. Unlike last year when I wrote "Are You Gonna Eat that Banana?" with no plot, no plan and characters who were strangers to me. This year was really fun!

I still have to finish writing the story- and will- I already know how it ends, but for now I'm working with some writing software to iron out the kinks of the first 35 chapters, trying to decide on a cover design, and I admit, reading, reading and more reading to catch up with some of my favorite authors/series who were neglected in November.

Christmas is almost upon us and this is the first year of my adult life in which I have not mailed one snail mail card, not given any gifts- and don't intend to. Wow? Bah Humbug you say? E-cards save trees, and these days NOTHING goes on a credit card and no one needs more stuff anyway. I'd rather get things out of the house- have given many Christmas things on local Freecycle, and even gave away our artificial tree to a stranger! So- my punishment for my No Christmas Spirit Zone?
Maybe the 3 Ghosts...but even worse, now they say SNOW SNOW AND MORE SNOW!

Hey- Happy Merry! Catch ya on Twitter where I spend way too much time!

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