Friday, November 13, 2009

Ok, so the story goes that kids at Danvers High have been saying "MEEP" much to the annoyance of staff and the principal. This even caused an automated telephone call to go out to parents issuing an "edict banning the use of the word meep" in the High School! Despite vague explanations and concerns about behavior this became a front page headline in The Salem News the other day.

My take: Why aren't they more worried about things like drugs, alcohol, sexting and so forth? Give me a break! In my day, I would have staged a walk out protest! Oh wait- I didn't stage one, but went along on one as a freshman when the seniors walked out and walkd to Town Hall to protest something I don't even remember.

Oh and there was the time we took our chairs on wheels racing up and down the hall to torture a shorthand teacher with either a wooden hand or fingers. Damn I'm old- can't remember. There was also the time I didn't want to read aloud in English class and feigned largynitis, but I had an accomplice- a girl pal who had crutches for sprained ankle. We got to leave class early so I could carry her books since I wouldn't be "speaking". Got to the hall and she threw down the crutches and ran and I yelled "Hey wait up!"

Oh- and those notes from MD to get me out of Gym for all 4 years-- I totally blackmailed him to sign them. He's dead now so I can say that.

Anyway- the cartoon which doesn't show well here says "The Students want WHO as a commencement speaker?" and shows a harried secretary watching the principal chuck a nutty. Then the speaker is none other than "Beaker" from The Muppet Show.

Danvers High Principal-- you are so lucky I've been out of there for decades. Go MEEP yourself!

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