Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Good Morning!
Guess who's back helping Karen with the Wubs site? Or trying anyway! After a hiatus of literally years, I needed something fun and different to do and who is more fun than Karen? No One!
I've been watching GH so I can at least make an attempt at making sense when blogging about it-- but so far, so confused...still writing lists trying to put character names to faces and figure out what end is up and what is down. Not an easy task!
My feelers are out on the web for my old and some new sources for scoops and rumors and I'll get things up as they come in.

What I am doing and have been doing is reading- a lot-- so watch for links and tidbits most days about what I am reading that day. Sometimes it is two or three books per day. Yes, I am a Bookaholic, but it's not a problem! It's a "Good Thing"!

Here's the first link to this fantastic book set in Salem MA. This is the author's first book and it's a winner. A great read anytime of year, but wonderful for Halloween.

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Wubqueen said...

Hello! First to sign!! :)
Here's hoping the Old Gedstern MOJO for Scoopies is working again.