Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's Your Damage

I just can't start the day without a big GO RED SOX!

I was thinking about things I've read over the years that came out of Bob Guza's that stuck with me is that "Everyone in Port Charles is crazy" in light of that, the snark in me decided to play. "What's Your Damage?". Feel free to play along in the comments section-- especially since many of the characters are brand new to me so I don't know their psychosis yet, and there are others for whom I just don't have the right words! I'll start with the easiest- and already diagnosed!
Sonny Corinthos- Bipolar, Mike Corbin- Gambling Addiction, Patrick Drake- Control issues and some Egomania issues, Noah Drake- Alcholoic with Guilt Issues, Logan Hayes- Abandonment and PTSD?,... so, help me out with the rest of the PCG...what's their damage?

Scott Baldwin
Helena Cassadine
Nikolas Cassadine
Carly Corinthos
Jasper Jax
Jerry Jax
Alexis Davis
Max Giambetti
Milo Giambetti
Alice Gunderson
All The Quartermaines
Luke Spencer
Lulu Spencer
Lucky Spencer
Elizabeth Webber Spencer
Samantha McCall
Diane Miller
Ric Lansing
Jason Morgan
Skye Quartermaine Alcazar
Georgie, Maxie and Mac Scorpio
Robin Scorpio
Damien Spinelli
Anthony and Johnny Zaccahara
Everyone else I haven't mentioned!

On to the books of the day-- this weekend I am reading the following--
Lara Parker was at my local library last week to drop off a copy of a new book for which she wrote a forward, so combined with her being right here in town and my love of Dark Shadows, I must re-read this book-- on the weekend before Halloween especially!

And working with:


Trinia J said...

Scott Baldwin: Narcissistic Personality disorder
Helena Cassadine: Narcissistic Personality disorder
Nikolas Cassadine:Obsessive-compulsive Personality disorder
Carly Corinthos: Dependent Personality disorder & Narcissistic Personality disorder
Jasper Jax: Dependent Personality disorder
Jerry Jax: Narcissistic Personality disorder
Alexis Davis:Paranoid Personality disorder & Histrionic Personality disorder & Dependent Personality disorder & Obsessive-compulsive Personality disorder
Max Giambetti: N/A
Milo Giambetti: N/A
Alice Gunderson: Borderline Personality disorder
All The Quartermaines: Every psycosis there is.
Luke Spencer: Antisocial Personality disorder & Narcissistic Personality disorder
Lulu Spencer: Narcissistic Personality disorder
Lucky Spencer: Alcohol abuse & Avoidant Personality disorder
Elizabeth Webber Spencer: perfectly Normal
Samantha McCall:Narcissistic Personality disorder & Antisocial Personality disorder
Diane Miller:Obsessive-compulsive Personality disorder
Ric Lansing: Obsessive-compulsive Personality disorder & Obsessive-compulsive Personality disorder & Narcissistic Personality disorder
Jason Morgan: Perfectally normal
Skye Quartermaine Alcazar: Alcohol abuse & Dependent Personality disorder
Georgie, Maxie and Mac Scorpio: Dependent Personality disorder (Maxie: Narcissistic Personality disorder & Avoidant Personality disorder & Histrionic Personality disorder & Borderline Personality disorder)
Robin Scorpio: Dependent Personality disorder
Damien Spinelli
Anthony and Johnny Zaccahara: Just plain CRAZY and EVIL. (except for maybe johnny, he could be crazy by proxy.)

Anonymous said...

I say Cooper Barrett is back for some kind of family revenge. Either he is a crazy younger brother of Brenda (remember her mom was crazy) or perhaps a son of her or maybe her sis Julia. It seems the killer is focusing on Jax, Carly, Jerry, Sonny. I would say that these people have hurt Brenda in the past...?

Laura said...

WOW! You did your research! I am going to print your comments for when I watch the show so I can figure things out! Are you a psych student or professional or a really awesome researcher and analyzer??

Laura said...

To anonymous-- What You Said! That makes more sense than Max! I do think it is going to be Coop according to the spoilers Karen and others have up.
That'll teach me to jump in with my ideas when I don't know anyone's background yet!
I started watching again after Night Shift, which was a total trip..alternate reality GH.

CLM said...

Found your blog from the wubs site. Sorry if I'm intruding.

Spinelli - Social Anxiety Disorder

Laura said...

Hi CLM, you are not intruding! Thanks for the Spinelli diagnosis!
I promise to check your blog today, thanks for writing, please comment any time!