Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! Possible spoiler warning.

Happy Halloween to one and all! It's cold here this morning, but should be warm all afternoon and early evening for the few Trick or Treaters left in the area. Most kids go to parties, but a few still come out.

GH-- well of course I have the Red Sox on the brain, but all I could think of yesterday was that Spinelli looked like he was trying to do the Papelbon jig more than trying to waltz!

Just read that Lindze is leaving GH-- Georgie to be killed off. Is this confirmed? I don't think either Karen or I knew about it before. Is it someone's idea of a Halloween prank? Ugh-- nasty stuff.

I am enjoying Anthony Z very much-- he's both evil insane and pathetic insane at once. Maybe there is hope GH won't ruin this new mobster. Ya think?

Today I am trying to catch up on ABC prime time shows that I haven't watched due to the World Series and ALCS. is really good and it takes so much less time to watch with limited advertising.

Also trying to catch up on the seemingly endless parade of books that require my attention. Today I am focused on easy and fun books.

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