Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Friday!

Hello! Happy Friday! I have 50 books lined up to read right now. Not kidding. On a deadline for most of them. When I watch TV, yes even the World Series, I read during commercials. Go Red Sox!

I did watch GH yesterday and had a few coherent thoughts about it-- the first of which is that Kate's lovely suit matches my living room drapes almost perfectly. If I had that suit, I could blend right in with the decor and no one would bother me while I read. Also noticed the amount of characters dressed in black yesterday-- Carly with the super short little black dress, Ric with the skinny leather jacket, Sonny no surprise there, Luke, Skye...seems ominous is out there Right In Front of Our Eyes so we don't miss it. Most of the show seemed to be a lot of blah, blah, blah about either Robin and her baby (Patrick/Leyla, Kelly/Robin, Jason/Spinelli/Lulu), or all about Trevor and The Mob... I seem to disremember anything else of interest. Even Luke was with Trevor. Ok I get the theme here.

So on to this Text Killer. There seems to be a good amount of speculation around the net. What jumped out at me was that maybe it is as simple as Max Gone Mad. His obsession with Carly and her not wanting him to follow her around to protect her sent him over the edge. He started to sneak around to follow her and spy on her and Leticia caught him and he ended up killing her to keep her quiet. Now he's texting Carly to make her nervous so she will want him and only him to guard her. He even texted Sonny to make him nervous so that he might send Max to watch his ex wife and their sons. Please--debunk this theory for me...I like Max! That's all I've got though that makes simple sense of this whole lame plot.

Ok- what am I reading today? Here are a few of the selections, and you may order them directly from Amazon with these links.

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