Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday already?

How can it be Tuesday already? Oh yeah, I remember, Red Sox Big Weekend, Eye Doctor poking me in the eye yesterday, Red Sox leaving Fenway on TV in the afternoon-- Dealing with the phone company till I was ready to pull out my hair..and it isn't over yet...
Ok- it's Tuesday..
I was watching a very special tape of GH from 1983 yesterday. It was when Tony Geary was leaving the show and they did a whole episode about Luke telling everyone he was going away with Laura, resigning as mayor and just going! He met with Ruby, Bobbie, Lee (Scott's father who then became mayor), Mr Big (Bert Ramsey) and more. Lots of flashbacks, promises to come home again etc. Why can't they do a show like that these days?

Going to try to watch Monday's GH on Soapnet this morning and then comment!

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