Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! Possible spoiler warning.

Happy Halloween to one and all! It's cold here this morning, but should be warm all afternoon and early evening for the few Trick or Treaters left in the area. Most kids go to parties, but a few still come out.

GH-- well of course I have the Red Sox on the brain, but all I could think of yesterday was that Spinelli looked like he was trying to do the Papelbon jig more than trying to waltz!

Just read that Lindze is leaving GH-- Georgie to be killed off. Is this confirmed? I don't think either Karen or I knew about it before. Is it someone's idea of a Halloween prank? Ugh-- nasty stuff.

I am enjoying Anthony Z very much-- he's both evil insane and pathetic insane at once. Maybe there is hope GH won't ruin this new mobster. Ya think?

Today I am trying to catch up on ABC prime time shows that I haven't watched due to the World Series and ALCS. is really good and it takes so much less time to watch with limited advertising.

Also trying to catch up on the seemingly endless parade of books that require my attention. Today I am focused on easy and fun books.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tuesday already?

How can it be Tuesday already? Oh yeah, I remember, Red Sox Big Weekend, Eye Doctor poking me in the eye yesterday, Red Sox leaving Fenway on TV in the afternoon-- Dealing with the phone company till I was ready to pull out my hair..and it isn't over yet...
Ok- it's Tuesday..
I was watching a very special tape of GH from 1983 yesterday. It was when Tony Geary was leaving the show and they did a whole episode about Luke telling everyone he was going away with Laura, resigning as mayor and just going! He met with Ruby, Bobbie, Lee (Scott's father who then became mayor), Mr Big (Bert Ramsey) and more. Lots of flashbacks, promises to come home again etc. Why can't they do a show like that these days?

Going to try to watch Monday's GH on Soapnet this morning and then comment!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's Your Damage

I just can't start the day without a big GO RED SOX!

I was thinking about things I've read over the years that came out of Bob Guza's that stuck with me is that "Everyone in Port Charles is crazy" in light of that, the snark in me decided to play. "What's Your Damage?". Feel free to play along in the comments section-- especially since many of the characters are brand new to me so I don't know their psychosis yet, and there are others for whom I just don't have the right words! I'll start with the easiest- and already diagnosed!
Sonny Corinthos- Bipolar, Mike Corbin- Gambling Addiction, Patrick Drake- Control issues and some Egomania issues, Noah Drake- Alcholoic with Guilt Issues, Logan Hayes- Abandonment and PTSD?,... so, help me out with the rest of the PCG...what's their damage?

Scott Baldwin
Helena Cassadine
Nikolas Cassadine
Carly Corinthos
Jasper Jax
Jerry Jax
Alexis Davis
Max Giambetti
Milo Giambetti
Alice Gunderson
All The Quartermaines
Luke Spencer
Lulu Spencer
Lucky Spencer
Elizabeth Webber Spencer
Samantha McCall
Diane Miller
Ric Lansing
Jason Morgan
Skye Quartermaine Alcazar
Georgie, Maxie and Mac Scorpio
Robin Scorpio
Damien Spinelli
Anthony and Johnny Zaccahara
Everyone else I haven't mentioned!

On to the books of the day-- this weekend I am reading the following--
Lara Parker was at my local library last week to drop off a copy of a new book for which she wrote a forward, so combined with her being right here in town and my love of Dark Shadows, I must re-read this book-- on the weekend before Halloween especially!

And working with:

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Friday!

Hello! Happy Friday! I have 50 books lined up to read right now. Not kidding. On a deadline for most of them. When I watch TV, yes even the World Series, I read during commercials. Go Red Sox!

I did watch GH yesterday and had a few coherent thoughts about it-- the first of which is that Kate's lovely suit matches my living room drapes almost perfectly. If I had that suit, I could blend right in with the decor and no one would bother me while I read. Also noticed the amount of characters dressed in black yesterday-- Carly with the super short little black dress, Ric with the skinny leather jacket, Sonny no surprise there, Luke, Skye...seems ominous is out there Right In Front of Our Eyes so we don't miss it. Most of the show seemed to be a lot of blah, blah, blah about either Robin and her baby (Patrick/Leyla, Kelly/Robin, Jason/Spinelli/Lulu), or all about Trevor and The Mob... I seem to disremember anything else of interest. Even Luke was with Trevor. Ok I get the theme here.

So on to this Text Killer. There seems to be a good amount of speculation around the net. What jumped out at me was that maybe it is as simple as Max Gone Mad. His obsession with Carly and her not wanting him to follow her around to protect her sent him over the edge. He started to sneak around to follow her and spy on her and Leticia caught him and he ended up killing her to keep her quiet. Now he's texting Carly to make her nervous so she will want him and only him to guard her. He even texted Sonny to make him nervous so that he might send Max to watch his ex wife and their sons. Please--debunk this theory for me...I like Max! That's all I've got though that makes simple sense of this whole lame plot.

Ok- what am I reading today? Here are a few of the selections, and you may order them directly from Amazon with these links.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Good Morning!
Guess who's back helping Karen with the Wubs site? Or trying anyway! After a hiatus of literally years, I needed something fun and different to do and who is more fun than Karen? No One!
I've been watching GH so I can at least make an attempt at making sense when blogging about it-- but so far, so confused...still writing lists trying to put character names to faces and figure out what end is up and what is down. Not an easy task!
My feelers are out on the web for my old and some new sources for scoops and rumors and I'll get things up as they come in.

What I am doing and have been doing is reading- a lot-- so watch for links and tidbits most days about what I am reading that day. Sometimes it is two or three books per day. Yes, I am a Bookaholic, but it's not a problem! It's a "Good Thing"!

Here's the first link to this fantastic book set in Salem MA. This is the author's first book and it's a winner. A great read anytime of year, but wonderful for Halloween.