Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blue Man and more

Has anyone seen this man on TV recently? I saw him on the Today Show. Seemed like a really nice down to earth guy. He turned blue from using Colloidal Silver. Wow- I can only imagine how much he must have taken! We've used it on and off for years and even our cats have been treated with it-- the key is SMALL DOSES!!!

Ok- so here I am at the library for a few more minutes. Going to try and just relax and enjoy Alexis and Diane today and not let them get on my last nerve like they did the flight attendant.

BIG old sign in front of the computer here:
WARNING: Although the library makes every effort to protect your privacy, please be advised that certain provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act (Public Law 107-56_, the revised Attorney General Guidelines to the FBI and other related measures expand the authority of the federal government to:
Obtain library records
Secretly monitor all electronic communication and
Prohibit libraries and librarians from informing users of such monitoring or information requests.

Geesh-- I want my home PC back-- I know they can monitor that too, but at least I don't have a big old sign to remind me!

The More Books the Better
ps- I can't get into the Wub Blog from here! What is Karen writing about???

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