Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Library After Dark

EEK! Image above is really creepy! No one knows if it is from a movie or is supposedly "real"...they think it is an Alien Hybrid Embryo!

Well, here I am for 1 whole hour of library computer time! Husband has gone back home to try and repair the broken Buick-- new alternator and recharged battery.

I've been writing like a mad woman on my novel, and just taking a bit of time each day to watch some of GH. Is it me or is it very repetitive? Seems like the same people having the same conversations over and over...well except for the Sam/Carly and Carly/Liz stuff...well, then again, it is kind of the same too! I wish I could say I was having fun watching Diane and Alexis. I was looking forward to it. So far it just seems like they are Dumb and Dumber. WHY would either of them be up for this Litigator of the Year award anyway? Wasn't Alexis sick with Lung CANCER most of the year and not working? Doesn't Diane mainly work for a Mob Boss? It's all too silly and contrived for me.

Well-- off to do some other net stuff in my remaining few mintues online!


The More Books the Better


karen said...

Ah, yes...Alexis' lung cancer. It's gone when the writers are tired of it!! I loved them yesterday...better than the damn stupid mob story. I think I like the hack writers! LOL
GOOD to read your blog again!

Laura said...

I think I'm just bored silly from having been stuck in the house and maybe a bit snarky-- Alexis and Diane just seemed like normally competent women who couldn't even cope with transportation either by air or auto! The snarkiness they were showing each other made me snarky, lol