Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GH some scoops and some rumors

TMK-- oh I think TMZ should be the ones to break this news! How funny would that be? Me? I don't care anymore. It's been dragged out way too long, and I remain convinced that the writer's (such as they are) keep changing there minds. Karen says it must be Mike, adding that he smells sweet because he bakes all the time at Kelly's. Ok- I'll go with Karen because she's a smart cookie. I briefly considered just confessing myself in order to get this stoopid storyline over with.

Some scoop stuff-- Michael shoots Kate- just a flesh wound, requiring minor repair. Evidently both Morgan and Carly see it. Someone I trust has heard that Laura Wright has done a PSA about guns/kids-- but this person also asked me if it was true, so who knows? Kristina gets kidnapped by Daniel (the weirdo at Kelly's), and Jerry is the hero who saves her and then later pays the price for not complying with orders and gets the crapola beaten out of him. Liz thinks she may have hit Sam with her car, but isn't sure...Nik really did it during a blackout, but Liz is the one arrested.

Fun rumors: Maurice B is either leaving for vacation or for good and they decide to make him the TMK! Coop has a twin or a clone who is the killer- thus the DNA evidence. A woman is the killer, wears a sweet smelling perfume. Claudia learns the truth about Jake and uses it to get to Jason. Someone who left GH recently, a man, is back, but no one is saying any guesses? I love the idea that they recast AJ and that he never really died and he is the TMK. Or it is Zombie Alan (not the same as Ghost Alan) who wants more dead people with him! Again, it's not like I care, it is just fun to speculate.

I'm in touch again with Linda who used to run the Turtle Run website and now is the Head Honcho at Soapdom and is doing an amazing job that I wouldn't want to tackle! Kudos to her! Visit her site and leave your comments at Soapdom

Time to go read now--I have overdue library books! Also going to try to eke out another chapter on the book I'm writing. I haven't slept well in a few nights and seem to be my most creative when running on empty! Thanks to Cheryl for ALL her hard work and help with editing and making creative suggestions!

The More Books the Better

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