Monday, January 21, 2008

Home again and GH is funny!

My computer is home, yay!~ Turns out it was back at our local Best Buy on January 11th-- but someone forgot to log it in so it just sat there. We called and called and were told it was "en route"... finally my husband went in and made them search and there it was all by it's lonesome, pining for me~ oh well, a lesson in patience.

Who is that cute guy in the picture above? I'd like one just like him to shovel my snow! OH! I do have that one-- that's Mikey! He made the local paper this week after I gave him a shovel and suggested he go out and play in the snow! This was after he watched GH with me out of boredom. Now he loathes General Hospital with a passion. Yet he can quote from it, example "Sonny will take care of it" is one of his favorites. So, anywhose, we watched together a week ago today and laughed together. Who knew it could be such a sitcom? I don't remember much of it, I just remember the joy it brought us, and Mike imitating various characters and the corny lines they were spouting. Obviously different dialog writers (interns or who? I don't know!), and if the story lines could just be changed entirely, I could live with the cheesey words!

So, the latest I am hearing is that the writer's strike may be resolved and soon-- and then GH will march forth with a plan for a new headwriting team. Guza obviously goes through spells of great ideas that go bad and bad ideas that go bad. Enough said on that!

It sounds like we are back to weirdo GH for Feb-- Sonny boinking Claudia (aw, man, that's just icky--does he think she's "old carly"?), Robin lying about her pregnancy, someone named Ian actually pushing drugs via GH. How original! Maxie and Spinelli..yeah, ok. Um, Ms Slutty with Mr Virgin Boy? So, who is the TMK? I'm still back with Max or Milo...just saying..

Missed you all! Glad to be home, yet I do miss my library !
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elvis said...

OMG...the stupid writers! You know Guza is just pulling the strings. the fact that Sarah brown will be back as a different chick. weeeird.