Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cut Off From Civilization

Before I get to my tale of woe-- just had to share the above pictures of-- Brit-Brit and Mitt-Mitt. I just love saying the two names together, and for a few minutes, during last nights debate, I thought Mitt-Mitt was going to have a Britt-Britt type meltdown. What fun!

Ok-- well that's not entirely true! I am here at the library, seeing friends and using a computer for one hour exactly! I've had over 100 emails to catch up on little by little, and unfortunately, don't know when I can reasonably expect to be here again-- because--are you ready? Now my car has died!!!!! So I have to beg a ride from Mike when he has time between work and after work commitments! We hope to have it towed tomorrow or Tuesday for diagnostics and repair. We think it's the alternator.

So I have to be extra nice to Mike and put up with a 2nd day of Football ALL day on TV! I do have earplugs. Figures the car would go now, just when we are about to have a week of January thaw! I'm trying to keep the Human Thaw working at home too, but it's tough when I'm frustrated by lack of pc and auto. I do have a Master Plan-- turn off the phone ringer (checking for messages now and then) and actually WRITE MY MYSTERY NOVEL! By coincidence or fate, the whole gist of the story came to me via some real life incidents that really are no more mystery than curiousity, but it all fits together perfectly! Then I will joing the NE Chapter of Sisters in Crime and get really honest mentoring and help as I progress with it. Only problem I see now is that once I write it by hand, I may never be able to decipher it again.

I will miss the get together of my pals from my old Aquacize class on Tuesday, but knowing these ladies, when they realize they aren't seeing my face there, they will embark on the five minute journey to my house and move the party there!

Also while doing much thinking, I've decided on my next career after the book is done-- I want to study and become a Crytopzoologist. Look it up!

Anyone know what the symbolism is of a Holiday greeting card with a hand drawn celaphod wit ornaments hanging from it's arms is?? I'm baffled. It's from our lawyers office...

Reading great books these days-- too many to mention, and don't really have the time to put the Amazon links up (No One EVER buys the books I recommend anyway!)...but the author is Jeffrey Cohen. Look him up! He's hilarious.

Peace and Light-- I'll be in touch when I can!

The More Books The Better


Karen said...

what is a celophid!? LOL

Laura said...

I think I spelled it right-- anyway, it's a SQUID!!