Saturday, February 23, 2008

Comcast Fails Me Again & Baby Ray

Well this morning I went to log in to my Comcast email, which is the one I use for my work at the newspaper. Guess what? My email account was deactivated and they have no idea why and asked me if I had moved and had I ever lived on Cook St. Never even heard of Cook St and I've lived in my present home for 15 years. So, since there are NO SUPERVISORS there on weekends, they are trying to tell me it can't be fixed until next week. I threatened heads rolling and legal action and now my request is supposed to be expedited for someone to call me later. Yeah, right, I went through this when I got someone else's voice mail and they got mine. No one ever called back and I ended up going back to Verizon for phone service.

The following came from Coast To Coast AM website Coast To Coast

Smilin' Baby Ray
Visitors to a British aquarium have likened the baby thornback ray (pictured) to a character featured on Doctor Who. In the sci-fi series, the 'Last Human' has become merely a translucent sheet of skin with eyes and a mouth.

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