Sunday, February 10, 2008

Writer's Strike

Well it sure seems like the writer's strike is about over and they may be back to work as soon as Wednesday. The question remains how many shows will return this season and how many will be delayed until fall. What will they do with reality shows, such as Big Brother 9 which is already slated to take up quite a bit of time each week.

How will the work of the so called scabs have affected the soaps? Will the writer's be able to change things or just ignore inconsistancy?

The Grammy's are tonight. I won't be watching--I already learned that Rush didn't win for the Best Rock Instrumental category and that's all I cared about. I'll get my books out and read and get some much needed beauty sleep instead!

The way things are looking I may either have 3 jobs by this time next week, or be facing another surgical procedure on my poor back. Wow- the fates are really throwing me some curves these days!

Hope you are all well and warm and have some good books! I have plenty of Amazon links for you to look for some goodies!

The More Books the Better

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FiFi Canfield said...

I think the strikers wont' be back until next week, so it will be awhile before the shows roll they say. As for GH I think that Guza's been writing the whole time, that's why it's been so crappy! hee hee