Monday, February 25, 2008

Some Monday Morning Fun

It's Monday already! No, I didn't watch the Big Giant Hollywood Awards Show last night! I haven't seen one of the movies and figured "Why bother?". We both quietly read our books, and then guiltily indulged in watching the very inane, yet somehow funny "Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant" followed by "My Fair Brady, Maybe Baby" and then sleep. I tried to listen to Coast to Coast at 1, but didn't wake up until 2:20 AM when I heard that something they were going to talk about sounded interesting, but natch, I fell asleep and missed it. This is a good thing though, as sleep doesn't come easily to me.

Today is book editing day, newspaper article writing day for next week, final copy of this weeks article (the boring part of doing it) and hoping to get my neighbor in her 80's out to the library while it's a nice day! After reading my library article in the paper last week, she decided she wants her first library card and has asked me to take her one day soon! Maybe today if she's up to it!

Ok- some fun links!

Longmire Does Romance Novels
Killer Fiction
Mouse Songs

The funniest is definitely the Romance Novels site-- altered covers with crazy titles. Killer Fiction is great for your inner writer. My favorite though, is Mouse Songs! Go listen!
The More Books the Better

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