Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wet Wet Wednesday

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Hi! Happy Day Before Valentine's Day! Have you bought a gift for your honey yet? Don't forget or you'll be in trouble! Don't forget your Mom if she's still around too-- Mom's love Valentine's from their kids, even when the kids are grown and out of the nest.

Here in the Boston area we are having tons of fun weather! Snow overnight, which changed to ice, to sleet, to rain, rain and more rain. The good news is that it is washing the snow away so many of us don't have to shovel.

Is everyone happy that the writer's strike is over? Have you been watching reruns of your favorite shows, or finding something else to watch or do? My husband's been happy to not have "Desperate Housewives" or "Grey's Anatomy" or "House" on. We have very different tastes in TV. Now truth be told, I don't miss them at all now that it's been reruns! Mike's had complete control of the TV remote and I haven't had to go to another room to watch anything. So, our TV has been tuned to such channels as the Food Network, whatever channel Spongebob is on, I guess Nik1 or Nik 2 or both. Comedy Central is also a favorite, as are The History Channel DIY Network, and something called RFD network. I leave the room for the last, because I think all he seems to watch is tractor pulls or some such thing? As for myself, my nose is in a book. No big surprise there, it is anyway. Yes, I watch TV and read at the same time. Adult Onset ADD? Or just too much to do?

Karen's got some good new GH scoops up at WUBS

I'm working on my book and listening to the soundtrack from Juno. I just love The Moldy Peaches! Oh and of course I'm reading three books at once when I get up from the computer! Doing the housewife routine of washing scatter rugs and vacuuming regular carpet and figuring out what's for supper. I do like writing the book and listening to music much more than housework--but I can't abide a mess it's good that I can MultiTask...I like that better than Adult Onset ADD!

Stay well
The More Books the Better

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Karen Can Can said...

IT's snowy here and ice encrusted.
thanks for the wubs plug. I got some goodies!
Today's writing was hysterical! many cliches..