Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gh Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Maxie always is so well dressed and groomed. I just about cracked a rib laughing when I saw part of her hair falling over her forehead just like Spinelli's when she was talking to him! How cute was that? It's all in the little things, because you cannot count on GH for the big things!

Like Shenanigans on South Park. I don't watch South Park but I casually introduced the word in conversation with hubby and he said "That's a South Park Episode"!!! You may be one or two up on me you know who friend, but I have sources! LOL!

And the Weak Shall Inherit the Mirth!

The More Books the Better

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Gail said...

1) Maxie and Spinelli love! I see you are being lured to the light side, my friend.

2) Never watched a South Park episode in my life. If I could figure out a way to use the words "shenanigans", "melee", "fracas", and "percolate" every day in casual conversation I would be a happy woman.