Monday, April 14, 2008

Who put the SPAM in your Lucky Charms this morning?

I don't get a lot of SPAM these days, thank goodness. AOL has a separate mail folder for anything that might be SPAM, and I check it when I think of it. Not often.

This weekend, I learned the origin of the term SPAM as used to describe junk email that is sent to the masses randomly. I never would have guessed that it originated with the Monty Python SPAM skit. The explanation is that in the skit the word SPAM is an annoying and constant interruption in the normal flow of things. Someone coined the phrase for email in a Usenet group several years ago and now it is a word that anyone with email access will understand immediately.

Ah, it is knowing these little important details in life that count. Isn't it?

I read a really good book this weekend, by author Karen Joy Fowler. The book is "Wit's End" and is a story within a story within the past and present. Quirky, funny, was the kind of book which made me not only laugh, but tear up and also make sure I had my dictionary handy to look up the most unusual words and phrases I've read in awhile. If you've got a block of time to devote to a book, this is one for you, since you will absolutely not want to put it down.

General Hospital is getting way too dark again. I am so not paying attention (even though the TV is on), that I sent Karen some scoops that had ALREADY HAPPENED on air and I didn't even notice! How bad is that? Especially since part of my job is to gather news and scoops for the site! I'm very sad to see that Dylan Cash is leaving since it has been fun watching him grow up on the show. On the other hand, maybe he'll have some time to just be a kid now, while he still can, and be away from stories involving mobsters and guns. I'm also starting to think that if most households now have Soapnet (I wonder what the numbers are on that), it might be time to move GH to strictly a Soapnet show. Maybe for all the ABC soaps. Then create some whole new genre for daytime tv. No, I don't have any brilliant ideas on that...actually, I'd prefer to just keep the Idiot Box off and read and listen to talk radio.

Desperate Housewives was back last night. My favorite part? Susan's cousin-- what a hot young guy. Wow~ My least favorite part? The church angle because it is all of a sudden so forefront, and it was so lame that the Priest would come to marry Carlos and Gaby without even a marriage license, blood tests, or WITNESSES!!! I think DH may have Jumped the Shark with this episode. Or, it could be that I just no longer care after the Writer's Strike and such a long break. I will give House another chance, and probably Grey's Anatomy, but they sure don't hold the interest that they used to.

The More Books the Better

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karen said...

OMG, I thought that too about the marriage! no witness!! Lynette standing up in church was a riot though.