Wednesday, April 9, 2008

News of the Weird

I've been listening to late night talk radio again. Big surprise, eh? A most interesting story was about children who remember their past lives. Kids are so much more open to the paranormal and I found it fascinating to listen to the story of a little boy who remembered being a pilot and crashing in WWII.

Today's news of the weird is that a pack of black squirrels attacked and killed a stray dog in a park in Russia. There were evidently no pine cones on the trees at all this year, causing starvation and agitation and the squirrels just banded together and attacked the dog for food. Previous reports include chipmunks attacking cats. Sophie is shaking her head at that one, but even though we aren't in Russia, I'm glad she is an indoor Mackeral Tabby.

General Hospital-- misery, murder, death and shooting of a boy. Carly's son who Sonny keeps calling his son. Well maybe in theory, but he isn't his biological dad, yet Carly is the bio mom and she should have had some say in where the kid went with Sonny. Nikolas is crazed with his brain tumor. No sign of Bobbie or Mike....Ick, my eyes this show hurts!

The More Books the Better

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