Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not April Fools Tricks

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Man orders coffee at drive-through while naked

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. -- A state employee was arrested Sunday night after he went to a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through window while naked, said police. Visit WHDHTV in Boston's website for the full story.
WHDHTV Full Story

Dunkley takes a dip: Firefighters, tow truck rescue cow from swimming pool

By Patrick Anderson
Staff writer

ESSEX — A team of firefighters, with the help of a tow truck, pulled a cow out of an Eastern Avenue swimming pool Saturday morning after the animal escaped from its pen and plunged into the icy water while trying to cross the pool's winter cover.

Around a dozen firefighters responded to a farm at 64 Eastern Ave. after receiving a call for help at 9:45 a.m. Saturday. They found the cow with its head above the water, resting against the side of the pool, and its legs submerged, sticking through the pool cover, Essex Deputy Chief Paul Doucette said yesterday.

Doucette said his men tried unsuccessfully to drag the cow, which was shaking because of the cold, out of the pool by its hindquarters before the tow truck, from Ernie's Service Station, arrived.

Firefighters slid a set of straps underneath the cow and the truck hoisted it out of the water and dropped it back on dry land about 30 minutes after the call was made, Doucette said. After the cow was out of the pool, the men covered it with blankets to try to warm it up while a veterinarian was called in to make sure the animal was alright.

The cow, named Dunkley, was walking around and doing fine yesterday, said Chris Fogarty, who was working on the farm.

Fogarty said someone must have left one of the gates to the pen open, allowing some of the cows to get out and begin roaming around. The pool is located close to a house on the rear of the property, away from the street and the cow pasture.

Manchester firefighter Warren Grant, a former Essex firefighter who was called in because of his familiarity with livestock, said he didn't know why the cow tried to cross the pool, but may have mistaken the green cover over it for grass.

Grant, who worked on a farm for 20 years before becoming a firefighter, said the only similar incident he had been involved in was when a horse escaped from its stable a few winters ago, ran out onto the frozen salt marsh and eventually fell through the ice.

Grant estimated Dunkley weighed more than 1,000 pounds and said cows are not known for their ability in the water.

"They can do a doggy paddle for a little while, but are not really built for swimming," Grant said. "She was pretty worn out by the time we got to her."

Essex Fire Lt. Joe Lafata said the incident was unusual, but turned out well.

"I have never been on a call like that before," Lafata said. "It was a strange call with a happy ending."

The above story also aired on WHDH TV, but this report is from Gloucester Times

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