Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm back with news of the weird!

Space.comVisit for the story on Strange Things Happen at Full Moon.

There were more strange lights spotted over the skies of Phoenix on Monday night. One witness quipped that "maybe it is aliens coming to save us from ourselves".
Find links to pictures and video of the event at Coast to Coast

To view the video of a man trapped inside an elevator for 41 hours, please visit

Remember the two men in NY accused of wheeling their pals dead body down a street and trying to cash his check? Well the charges have been dropped. It seems two autopsies couldn't prove the time of death and the friends claim they didn't know he was dead-- they thought he was just in a coma!

Do geese see god?

More later-- time for a library run before it gets too hot out!

The More Books the Better

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