Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hot Under The Collar

Yowza-- what a game between the Red Sox and the Yankees last night. It was a real pitchers match, a poorly Umpired game, and the Sox got hot under the collar and so did I! I've heard it said that Kevin Youkilis tends to "wet his pants" over things, but man, how he held it together when fast balls were flying in the vicinity of his head AGAIN! I was waiting for a Bench Clearing Brawl, but the Sox rose above that.
Mike Lowell really had a wobbly when he was called out on strikes and the final strike was clearly a BALL!!!!! I was almost as mad as he was. As for Manny-- hmmm...he's out because he knee hurts. Then it is both knees hurt. Yet the MRI showing nothing wrong? He really should have been in the game for Big Papi's return. This Manny being Manny stuff is wearing thin. Perhaps if his knees are that bad he'd better go on the disabled list and get some acupunture or even counseling on Adult Professional Behavior. I've always enjoyed Manny, he's a great player and funny as can be. To a Point. Hmmm... perhaps Tito could just bench him and not LET him have the honor of playing. Would that be cutting off the teams nose to spite their face? I think not. Time for Manny to have a time out.

Ok-- today, the Red Sox are going to be out for blood. There is a blood lust at the ready, and the fur will be flying.

I can't wait. Go RED SOX!!!

oh- and I just returned 2 library books and came home with 8 new is possible to watch baseball and read three books at once. I should know!

the more books the better

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