Friday, July 25, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

On the heels of learning recently that Rush would be getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009, two good friends of mine had the chance to see a show in this leg of the Snakes and Arrows tour! One went to NH to see them, and the other saw them in NC. While I'm a wee bit envious, I'm also very happy for them both! The first friend saw them for about the 30th, and likely the last time, while my newer friend finally went to her first show after waiting 28 years! Then, while perusing YouTube, I found this gem!

So that's all fun and games, and then I found my favorite Laugh A Minute duo cracking up as they tried to announce a Red Sox game while hearing "Mooo Mooo" in their headsets after photos of Vermont Cows were shown during Vermont Day at Fenway Park. If you want a good laugh, view this clip. You won't be able to help youself, the laughter is contagious!

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whisperstream said...

Woo-hoo! That was me! I'm the "new good friend"!

What an awesome, awesome experience! I really thought that I would never get to see them in concert, and I was as giddy as I would have been if I had gone to see the "Grace Under Pressure" tour in 1984.

They looked great, they sounded great, I got to hear "Red Barchetta" live (*sob*)and I finally got to see Neil perform the drum solo that I have been beating out on the dashboard since high school. My Rock n' Roll fantasies have been fulfilled.

Loved seeing the Colbert Report clip. Director Jimmy's first question was classic fan boy, and something I probably would have wanted to ask myself.