Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crab spider

I've seen a little critter in our living room a few times. Tiny as a speck of dust!
It just dropped down from our ceiling and landed on me twice. I thought I was seeing things-- I thought it was an Albino spider! Doing a bit of "web" work, I learned that it is a Crab Spider, and is a beneficial insent who sometimes wanders indoors. It does not spin a web, but is an active hunter. Hmmmm...perhaps that is what happened to the fly that was driving me crazy for a week. These tiny spiders do like flies I understand. They are also amazing in that some of them can change color to include bright yellow or bright pink to match a flower that they might land on. They are not harmful to humans, but they do bite, although it just causes a minor irritation.

The things I will do to avoid actually Working On My Book! I spend a half hour researching spiders!

The More Books the Better


Karen arachnophopic said...

spider hate!

General Hospital Official Fan Site said...

Just dropping by to say hi! WubQueen "talks" about you all the time ;) Figured I would introduce myself, we should chat sometime.