Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summertime and the living is hot!

Heatwaves, floods, missle testing in Iran. Fire's in CA. Gasoline sky high.
The living is easy. NOT!

Last night the flax seed hot pack I use to help with leg pain decided to catch fire in the microwave. All is well, no one hurt and I didn't burn the house down. Handled the whole thing calmly and by myself which is a surprise given my fear of fire.

This morning, Ollie brought us a very dead red squirrel. Very dead. For the rest of the week, Ollie will be known as Squirrel Boy.

Still working on the book and reading tons. Thinking about unravelling the mystery of some neighbors who up and disappeared. Of course, I didn't even notice this, but another neighbor pointed out that all the cars were gone and the house is vacant.

That's it folks--
The More Books the Better


karen said...

wow! Fire! fire! how bizarre. Glad you are ok! Maybe your neighbors just gave up their cars due to gas prices.

Anonymous said...

Great Googly-Moogly! Fire in the microwave! I thought I was the only person I knew who could catch something on fire in a kitchen appliance (Pound cake in oven. Awesome story!)

So glad you are OK and proud of you for handling it on your own. Sorry to hear your leg is still bothering you, though.

As to your neighbors, I am going to be very disappointed if you are not RIGHT NOW making up elaborate scenarios about their disappearance. I would hate for you to waste an opportunity.

Smoochies to the clever and brave firefighter!

G. (because...ummm...I can't remember my identity. Story of my life.)