Monday, July 14, 2008

General Snoozepital

Ok, big whoop- Genie Francis is back for a short stint. Mostly in Lulu's mind. Yawn.
More Mob stuff coming from Russia this time. Yawn.
People paying tons of money to go to the Fan Club Weekend. People who don't know how they will heat their homes this winter, don't have money to pay their credit card debt, complain about how broke they are-- they still come up with cash for a soap opera fan club event-- for which the actors get PAID to be there. How stupid is that??

I think I'm having our Tv totally disconnected after the Red Sox win the World Series in October.

The More BOOKS the Better

1 comment:

Wubbly Who? said...

TOTALLY disconnected??! LOL.
Well, hmmmmmmmmmmm.

You'd better buy a LOT Of DVDs.
And, yeah, I did spend a ton going to soap weekend. I'm worth it! heh.