Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Black and White Ball

Did everyone have a good Halloween? We only had one group of Trick or Treaters- 5 kids in all. They were happy kids when they ended up with multiple full sized candy bars that my husband was giving out! They came late enough that we were sure there wouldn't be many more kids. Or any for that matter!

Well, the Black and White Ball is in full swing on GH! I actually enjoyed it-- the background even more than the main characters.

There was this one couple really hamming it up-- the woman had on a white dress with a black band around the middle and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.. what a character, totally vamping. I'd love to find a picture of her to add to this post, but after searching high and low, no luck. Does anyone know of a site that might have one and would let me use it?

Edited- 2:50 pm, just found this cool video on YouTube! Whoever made it did a great job~

The other things that really struck me (and I saw posters on SoapZone noticed too) were Carly keeping her cell phone in her dress. Too funny! I also noticed she doesn't seem to need her Texting Dictionary anymore-- guess she's had enough practice now!

Then when the crowd was summoned for the Big Announcements, Jerry and Jax were laughing away like best friends--I guess they momentarily forgot that Jax is furious with Jerry.

Liz and Sam's fight was kind was ok with the hair pulling, name calling and facial contortions, but it would have been so much more fun to have Carly run out there yelling "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" instead of Lucky stepping in and stopping it. Oh well, can't have everything!

Looks like the writer's strike is going to happen. I came across this item from New York Magazine Entertainment Section. Soap Operas
"Most soaps will run out of scripts after about a month. Plans are already in place to create new episodes of General Hospital and The Young and the Restless by editing together scenes from old shows intercut with stock footage of shark attacks and the moon landing. No one will notice."

Finally, this morning I watched my tape of Letterman last night to see Jonathan Papelbon. This guy is so crazy funny-- loved him going on about David Ortiz being a Bedazzeler! Dancing with the Stars should be the next TV appearance for Pap!

Have a Happy November 1st!



96meimei said...

Loved the shark attack & moon landing comment. I thought the fight was stupid-it should have happened another time and place.

No trick or treaters at our place I now have to eat all chocolate.

Karen wubber said...

OMG, I really wonder what will happen if there is a strike. Think Guza would let THE WUBS take over! ? LOL..this ball is a wub anyway, that's for sure. Notice today that Sonny was DRY and shiny --how the hell did he get there?
Tracy is coming, btw..she's late but she'll be there!

96meimei said...

This a sad thing to say about the GH soap but I enjoy reading your blog almost more than watching the show. At least you are funny.

Sonny showing up was wierd and I decided he got a ride on someone's broom.