Monday, March 24, 2008

Funny Monday

Guess what the above is????
Are you ready kids? Fun stuff today!

Breaking news: "The ship leaves at noon and the salmon better be on it". Inside joke sort of-- I woke myself up the other morning saying the above and I have NO IDEA what it means or why I said it! I've shared it with others and now I have friends and family walking around saying it at random times and laughing because it's just so silly!

I'm reading a really funny book and have the sequel at hand also.


karen said...

The inside of your mouth?

Laura said...

Well-- good guess, but it's actually the back of my left eyeball! I have the software to allow me to really see all the blood vessels and everything, but it doesn't show up on the need the software. That is where I had my torn retina 15 years ago and the eye doc is amazed that there is no scar tissue!