Monday, March 10, 2008

Water Supply

Today's news about traces of prescription drugs being found in public water supplies around the country reminds me of a bad soap opera plot. Yet, unfortunately it is true. I wonder if there will be a complete investigation as to how this is happening and if we will get honest answers from our Government. I just heard on the news now that they say it is because we don't metabolize all of the medication and it is excreted from our bodies and flushed. They also claim it won't harm humans or that "there is no evidence that it will harm humans". Then they show male fish with female reproductive organs...ewww....and people eat fish as well as drink water. Then, of course, there is mad cow disease, sick cows killed and the meat out there for sale! Being of the vegetarian persuasion those things won't affect me personally. Pesticides and genetically engineered fruits and vegetables will. No wonder so many people are sick!

I have written to the head of the Water Division in my city to ask if new tests will be done and if a statement will be issued soon. I also suggested that since this is a nationwide problem that the town might ask for Federal funding to do the testing.

Maybe some of my readers might do the same, or even call their local water department and see what you get for an answer. I'd love to hear what you get for a response.

Just one more thing to worry about, eh?

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karen said...

Ok, I'm so grossed out about the PEE thing. I mean, I guess I didn't realize sewer water was 'cleansed' for DRINKING! EEEWW