Friday, March 28, 2008

Rainy Friday

The above is just one picture taken by Elevision! Visit this link for the story, and watch for the show to appear, I believe on Animal Planet. Elevision Story
Hey, better rain than snow!!! A good day to catch up on emails, work on the book, work on next weeks newspaper article, and delay all of the above by blogging!

I had a wonderful visit with my sister in law and niece yesterday. It was my first time seeing them in about 12 years or more. Our niece is now 26! She was just a teen when I last spent time with her. She's grown into a lovely young woman who is extra bright, funny, and loving. It was a weird day because they were here to make final arrangements for our nieces dad, who is the ex-husband of my husband's sister. He's in Hospice care now and they had to have a whole series of discussions with him and then go to the local funeral home.....but it all seems to have gone smoothly and now it's just a waiting game. We talked about it quite a bit, but we also had many other things to share. Kate shares my love of music, she remembers watching Dark Shadows on the Sci-Fi channel with me, she believes in fairies and elves, and adores cats! She also rescued an abused dog and she and her boyfriend spoil him silly. My SIL looks great too---amazing after the accident last year when a horse kicked her in the face. All in all, and despite the sad circumstances it really was a wonderful day and I was glad to give them some love and attention. I only wish they lived closer.

Oh--and I'll be up late tonight/tomorrow morning! My favorite Theoretical Physicist, Dr Michiu Kaku is on Coast to Coast with Art Bell filling in as host tonight! Check your local radio station listings. Dr Kaku will be discussing his new book.

You can buy the book by clicking on the picture above. I always love to listen to Dr Kaku since he is one of the smartest and most articulate people on the planet today. He makes the most complicated phsyics seem easy and even perfectly reasonable enough to wrap your brain around!

The More Books the Better

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