Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not So Deep Thoughts

The above is all over the net, but I got it from the CoasttoCoast AM site, along with this description:
The 'Creepy Gnome'
People in an Argentinean town are said to be frightened by a "creepy gnome" who stalks the streets at night. The short person or midget wears a pointy hat and has an unusual sideways walk.

It was also on the Fox25 Morning News in Boston. I love that show. They play a lot of cool music, have a lot of laughs, poke fun at politicians and the elections, yet still manage to get the serious news, weather and traffic done efficiently.

The Creepy Gnome needs to be the next GH serial killer!!!! Or one of Sonny's bodyguards! Or Carly and Jax's BABY!!!! LOL!!!

After a phase of not being able to write, now I can't stop! I got a whole bunch of great new ideas to flesh out my book since I found myself utterly bored by it yesterday after re-reading it for about the 50th time. I have about 8 ideas for my newspaper column, AND I have about 30 library books to read still.

My favorite of the month so far remains the latest by the wonderful Candace Havens

Of course I think you should buy the whole series as they are great to read in order-- even though you don't have to since each book is a fun read on its own!

Miaou for now!
The More Books the Better

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