Sunday, March 9, 2008

Writer's Block

So the TV and Movie writers are back to work. I now have writer's block!!!!! I realized I hadn't blogged in almost a whole week, had a hard time writing anything worthwhile for the news paper and have managed 2 whole paragraphs on my book. This is not a good thing!

I've also not been paying attention to TV at all. I've read Karen's GH schoops and all I think is doom and gloom and how redundant it seems. I gave up on Big Brother almost from the start, and I could not possibly care and less about American Idol this season.

Maybe it's the weather, tons of rain and wind and the thought that spring might be coming soon, it's just not fast enough to suit me. It's been a long winter for most parts of the country.

Today I've found myself doing three loads of laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher, reading and doing anything I can to avoid writing. Some of my author friends tell me this happens to everyone and I'll just have to snap out of it.

I'm going back to finish my book now--the one I'm reading that is!!!!!

The More Books the Better


Anonymous said...

I am a GH fan and do enjoy your blog. I also am an avid reader and recently was referred to the shelfari site, Have you been there? You may enjoy it!

Laura said...

Hi! Thanks for the kind words-- I just took a quick look at shelfari and it does indeed look interesting! I've saved the link to look at it further when I have more time. Thanks again!