Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Glue

Happy Monday! I had another of my infamous glue-accidents this weekend. I am not good with glue. This time, I had a broken item (keeping this mysterious on purpose) and decided to use Super Glue again, since I actually had some success earlier in the week when I broke a plate. Uh-oh-- the Super Glue cap had glued itself to the tube.
Naturally, I opened my blabber mouth and told my husband. He, of course, shook his head in dismay and informed me that I am now BANNED from using glue. Glue of any type. Glue is not my friend. Etc etc etc.

So, this morning, I sat down and Googled super glue and found that it was easy enough to just soak the tube in warm soapy water for a little while and the cap came off! Now I can't wait for Mike to get home and use the glue on the item in question so I don't mess things up again. I am never to use glue again without Adult Supervision. Mike has nightmares about me gluing all my fingers together and not being able to dial for help. Or type and therefore work!

GH-- well twice in two different real life people's lives (what a whacked sentence), GH has been interuppted by a President getting shot. JFK and Ronald Reagan. Just saying---weird. Should be another fun week what with Michael getting shot, and whatever the heck else is going to happen. Spoilers are drying up faster than super glue these days. Maybe Sonny has a hit out on people who leak storylines?

Hillary Clinton--- so far in debt to so many people. She is just stiffing people for money she owes them left and right as far as I can tell from the news. Hey, that's a great way to build confidence in voters. Just saying.....not so smart.

Shout out to my new bud Gail! I needed a new happy funny read to join my regular crowd and expand my horizons with your wit and our amazing coincidences in our lives!
Azanna Azanna Azanna....go ahead Gail-- through it out there into as many sentences as you can! Azanna loves it!

Oh and the bestest most happy news-- Kathy Lee Gifford is joining The Today show for their 4th hour. Good thing I can pick from The View or Will and Grace at that time--or just plunk my butt down here at the computer and do some work. I am again, very studiously avoiding work. It might have something to do with the Death Pool on 3 different people we know as to who goes first, and then there is the whole can I wear the same outfit to all 3 funerals? Why do people have to go and get sick and die anyway? It doesn't seem fair.....

Stay well, will you? ALL of you!

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Gail said...

Oh, my - you with the Super Glue, too? I have a drawer in the kitchen that is littered with small, partially-filled carcasses. I actually glued an object to my eyebrow one time. Really. And I'm admitting it. Chris had to come home from work and everything. Azanna! That was horrendous.

Kathie Lee Gifford, eh? I must have missed that scintillating news tidbit yesterday. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Thank you for the shout out, my friend. You are too kind. I am equally as happy to be in your world. I think that you deserve a shout out, as well. Maybe I will start a blog and we can take turns shouting at each other.

Sorry about the Death Pool. There's nothing funny about that.