Friday, December 28, 2007

Computer Woes...force me out of Hibernation!

Just when I was settled in for a nice long hibernation period, my one year old PC decided that the CMOS battery had failed and that it needed a trip to the PC hospital. The local hospital said the surgery needed couldn't be performed locally, and that my third arm would have to take a plane ride to Kentucky for it necessary work! Kentucky!!!!!! So, if there is anyone out there in Kentucky with my computer from Best Buy next week, please, please, fix it fast, fix it right and send it home to Momma!

I am at my second favorite place (home is first!)...the library. So, although I am surrounded by books and dear friends, and actually out in the "real world", I don't have the capabilities to log on when I want and may not make it every day even...but I'll do my best as often as I can!

At least I have tons of books here and at home to keep me busy, but my updates may be sporadic...please check in often!

The More Books the Better

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