Monday, December 17, 2007

Darkest, Meanest GH EVER

OUCH my EYES! OUCH my HEART STRINGS! Today's GH is just so awful- especially for the Holiday season. I don't mean poorly done-- it's very well "executed", but it's just so awful.... Kate hit the nail on the head when she said that tonight was much worse than the Black and White Ball.

Georgie looked much more dead than Emily ever did. Poor Spinelli finding her! Poor Mac! Poor Maxie! Poor ME watching this! I need a Xanax!

Now it seems pretty obvious that it is Cooper. Way too obvious. I really think it's Cruz! Or Max! She wouldn't be afraid of either of them. I do think Max snapped awhile ago about Mrs C. Cruz could be a rogue cop, hired by Alcazar (still living in hiding and going to get Skye back when Robin Christopher leaves GH). The way Cruz insisted that Mac go to the Crime Scene-- it almost seemed like a perverted wish to have his boss see his daughter dead. Ugh. This whole thing is twisted! Twisted I tell you! Karen said to me earlier that it couldn't be Cruz because he was at the Metro Court with Mac. I had an AHA moment-- Georgie was ALREADY COLD when Spinelli found her-- so she was dead awhile. We don't know the exact time frame of the shooting vs the killing do we? Also Maxie making a point that Coops hands were cold...well, duh, he left his gloves at if he had killed Georgie there would be prints on the darn cord!!!!

When Cooper and Maxie were watching the snow, and going on about the silence of the snow...I got the creeps at first thinking about how silence could wake Georgie up because she's so sensitive. Well, not anymore. Never mind all the sirens going off in the distance! Duh-- they couldn't hear them!

I still want that Xanax-- Kate collapsing from shock, I was right with her! Good thing Diane showed up to have deep discussions and gave the woman some hard truths to face.

I even enjoyed Trevor with Ric, although when he ordered Ric's Scotch, he forgot to say "neat" as Ric requested. Oh well.

Sonny cracked me up when he said "IwanJohnnyZakkhradhrasradead" really fast and all mixed up like that!

Well that's all right now.... I don't have a Xanax, so I guess I'll have a glass of water and a few deep breaths!

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