Friday, December 7, 2007

Writers Stike update

THE FOLOWING IS FROM LATESHOWWRITERS.COM..for some reason my blog rejects their link..I did not write this and only want to share.
The More Books The Better
This "blog" or "webblog" or "internetwebblog" or "interwebblognetwebblog" will feature the thoughts and observations of Late Show writers Eric Stangel, Justin Stangel, Bill Scheft, Steve Young, Matt Roberts, Tom Ruprecht, Jeremy Weiner, Lee Ellenberg, Joe Grossman and Bob Borden regarding the current writers strike.

There is a lot at stake with this strike and these are serious issues. The Late Show writers are on the picket lines every day they are scheduled. We are not making light of this situation. One way to get people to pay attention to the strike and its issues is through humor.

And now a LateShowWritersOnStrike.Com World Exclusive...

"Speechless" Ugly Betty

(Note from Laura- I made a change in which Speechless is shown on my blog )

Friday, December 7, 2007


Over the past four and a half weeks, we writers have spent endless hours picketing. We come home with aching backs, tired legs and sore feet. But, one silver lining has been the wonderful friends we’ve made on the picket line. Yes, it’s true, with so many people walking the lines, it’s difficult to remember all their names, but nonetheless, I am confident many of these friendships will last a lifetime. If I may, I’d now like to list those people with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to establish a lasting bond:

The guy in the hat.

The woman in the hat.

The woman in the hat, who I had originally thought was a guy in a hat (oops!).

The guy who always smells like a hamster cage, although, unsettlingly, he doesn’t own a hamster.

The guy who earlier today elbowed Buck Henry out of the way to snag the last bite-size Almond Joy.

Richard Belzer (not the celebrity, the one who wrote for Crosswits in ’86).

The girl who, even though I’ve told her my name 20 times, still thinks my name is “Stavros.”

The guy who looks like a fat Kyle MacLachlan.

Alan or Adam Zweibel…I forget.

The guy who wrote for Airwolf for 3 seasons and ends every story with, “That man’s name? Jan-Michael Vincent.”

And, last but certainly not least, my new best friend who was kind enough to share with me the details of his collapsing marriage…guy in brown pants.

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Karen said...

I wonder how long this will go on! IT will definately effect the rest of the season.. I wonder if the shows will just have a short season or go longer in the summer. Hmmmmmmmmm, thanks for this!