Tuesday, December 4, 2007

General Hospital today

Thoughts on the little bit I saw today (WHY do people always call me around 3 pm? Is it an omen?) Anywho-- I love Kate's coat/jacket. Wonder where I could get one? Sonny's dimple smile still works for me. Any guy with dimples works for me! Funny, my husband doesn't have dimples--but he works for me the most!

Spinelli should listen to Jason and get out now. He is young, smart, not all THAT involved, except computer stuff and could get a great job at ELQ or somewhere.

Why when the girls have their night out do they always have to go drinking? Couldn't they go shoe shopping or something like that? I wouldn't want a bunch of hung over doctors and nurses working on me the next day.

TVGuide reports on Kristina Wagner's return and how sad the whole first day was for her, doing scenes of Georgie's funeral and having Maxie rag on her about being an absent Mom. While it may be true of Felicia, what a way to make Kristina want to come back for more than short term, eh?

I'm finding myself saying and writing "eh?" a lot lately-- it's so cold it feels like Canada to me. Time to play some Rush CD's, eh?

The More Books the Better

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