Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mission Impossible

Thoughts on the bits and pieces of GH I saw/heard today. I might just have to watch the whole thing on Soapnet with the radio on playing some cheesy Christmas songs and the sound down on the TV.

When Trevor was talking to Johnny and he said "WHOA WHOA WHOA"... I so wanted him to break into song and end up singing "Feelings, nothing more than feelings" Dating myself..but it was a very funny song back in the day.

Jerry/Alexis-- only saw a bit, but loved her talk of his "suspiciously large", bank deposit. Yeah, uh huh.

Leyla wanted to have a drink with her MATES? Since when do they say Mates (meaning Friends) in Iran?

Now- the Mission Impossible theme really kicked in when the detective wanted to talk to Jason about Emily's murder and said "My question, should you choose to answer it" really struck a "Your Mission, should you choose to accept it" nerve with me, and made me wonder if Jason has an implant that will make him self destruct if he does wrong. Or if the whole thing will become action packed right up to the end of the show and then it ends in freeze frame with slow mo music...

What am I reading you may ask? Do I recommend these books for holiday gift giving? Or just for yourself. I am all for the SELF thing, but it can't hurt to give books to people who love to read (especially when they read during GH!)

Yes, very good for that happy family holiday feel...NOT, but intersting read. Dark.
Here is me, the beloved arthritis poster girl--I'm trying, it might work!
Desperate Houswives fans should like this one!

More tomorrow-- a gal can only read so much at a time, and cook and clean and watch TV and take care of a husband and one and a half demanding cats!

The More Books the Better

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MysticBlue said...

Leyla was born in Iran, but she grew up in England, hence the use of the terms "mates." ;-)